As suppliers and installers of timber products, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. Wood is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, but only when it’s sourced responsibly. Illegal logging and poor forest management pose a huge threat to the sustainability of forests, the survival of their ecosystems and the economy of the producer countries.

For this reason, we carefully select reputable timber suppliers. We endeavour to source all wood from either independently certified sustainable forests, or from suppliers who have been independently verified to ensure their timber is traceable. This ensures they get their timber from legally harvested forests.

We’ll be more than happy to explain more about our commitment to the environment and to tell you where we source all the timber we use for your windows, doors and joinery. You’re very welcome to come and see us in person and visit our Sussex-based workshop to see your products being made.


Wood is one of the most sustainable materials available. Learn more about wood’s sustainability and why it’s a planet-friendly choice for your property.

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