About wood

We use a variety of different wood species depending on the natural characteristics of the timber – we have something to suit each customer’s personal preference. Some species are very durable, while others have a finer grain and can be machined more accurately. Some are decorative in appearance, and others can be plain.

We’ll be delighted to explain more and help you choose the best type of wood for your joinery. We season all our wood correctly – though do remember it’s a natural product, so there will always be some variation.

Here are the different wood species you can choose from.

Wood species available
for your joinery

Ash American white

Ash, American white

Creamy white to light brown with a pronounced grain, similar to oak. Used for interior joinery, shopfitting and furniture.

European oak

European oak

Light tan to biscuit coloured, and usually straight grained. A very durable hardwood which is suitable for interior and exterior joinery, shopfitting and furniture.

Pine redwood

Pine / redwood

Pale, reddish brown wood. The best grades are used for furniture, joinery and turning. Requires preservative and a protective coating if used externally.

Cherry American

Cherry, American

Rich red to reddish brown, the fine, straight, close grain has narrow brown pith flecks and small gum pockets. Suitable for furniture, cabinetmaking and high-class joinery.



Mid to dark red in colour, utile is suitable for interior and exterior joinery.

Black walnut American

Black walnut, American

Rich dark brown to purplish black, suitable for high quality interior joinery and furniture.

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