Click HERE to book your FREE consultationWhen it comes to furnishing your interior, there really is nothing like bespoke furniture. It’s the best way of utilising your available space, and it offers levels of convenience that non custom, shop bought furniture cannot. At Parsons Joinery in Sussex we are the true experts at providing our clients and customers with bespoke furniture that fits neatly into the space available. We can help you complete the transformation of your house into a home.

Many people go for a fitted kitchen or a fitted bathroom, but what’s stopping you going for fitted furniture? Instead of squeezing a cupboard or shelving unit under a staircase recess, how about using the space effectively by having installed a complete, custom made unit? Not only will you be using the space in the best way possible, you will also be styling your interiors with furniture that could not possibly look more attractive.

We can hand craft cupboards, shelving, storage solutions and even bedrooms in their entirety. Why not contact us today to discover the perfect solution to your furniture needs, and to see what we here at Parsons Joinery can do for you.

Why choose bespoke fitted furniture

Furniture Sussex (1)Keeping your home or office organised and clutter free is always a challenge and buying the right piece of storage furniture which fits snugly into a specific alcove or that meets your particular requirements is not at all easy. Utilising our expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality, bespoke timber furniture, Parsons Joinery can help you to find the perfect solution – a balance between practicality, functionality, aesthetics and your budget. Designed, manufactured and installed, we can provide you with a bespoke solution, individually tailored to your exact requirements.

Our fitted furniture gallery

Furniture Sussex (1)After hours of surfing the net or trudging around your favourite furniture stores, finding that perfect piece with the correct balance between display and storage can be a nightmare. If you are lucky enough to be able to tick that box, then it might not match or fit into your colour scheme, theme or the period of your home and other pieces of furniture. You might simply want something that matches the colour of your favourite piece of furniture in colour and design or something that you have seen in a magazine that has aspects that you like but is not quite right. Compromise seems always to be the key, whether this is in the colour of timber, height of shelves, cupboard space, display space, styling or simply size, nothing ever seems to perfectly fit the bill.

Whether your requirement is for a small storage unit to fit neatly into an alcove, replacement wardrobe doors, bookshelves for your library or bespoke kitchen units designed to meet your specific requirements, then Parsons Joinery could be your salvation.

Working closely with architects, designers and contractors we have undertaken commercial and shop-fitting projects including a health and beauty salon, a concession in a large London department store and various reception counters and storage solutions for offices.

Our service enables private and commercial clients to commission truly unique furniture to their exact dimensions and design requirements.


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