What are the limitations when making changes to a listed property?

listed-building-in-londonIf you live in a listed property or are considering buying one then it’s worth knowing exactly what you can and can’t do when it comes to maintenance, renovations, and extensions that you are considering making to your home. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but you will need to keep certain things in mind and take certain actions before progressing so that you are not committing a criminal offence. We explore those issues in more depth this month to help you be sure that what you are planning is going to be acceptable to your local authority’s conservation officer.
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A practical kitchen: get the organisation of it right

Having a well organised kitchen is half the battle when it comes to enjoying the time you spend in it cooking, cleaning and tidying up. For many of us these are chores that we don’t always enjoy but endure, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s easy to get it right if you set yourself up well from the start and this is exactly what this month’s article is here to help you do.
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Roof lanterns – are they right for me?

beautiful-room-with-roof-lanternRoof lanterns are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in urban properties or where space is at a premium. Many confuse them with skylights, and although there are some similarities, roof lanterns have a bigger role to play in the home than a skylight. But does that increasing popularity mean that they are also right for your home? This month we explore the benefits and drawbacks of roof lanterns to help you decide.
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How your kitchen can add value to your home

house-in-london-with-a-unique-front-door-1If you have been thinking about moving or perhaps renovating, then you could be wondering what it is that can add the most value to your home. Even if you have no plans to move any time soon, any renovation is sure to add value in the medium to longer term. And few things can add more value than updating your kitchen. Let’s take a look at why this is and how you can maximise the return on your investment in any kitchen renovations, larger or small.
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Unique front doors – why do it?

house-in-london-with-a-unique-front-door-1You may have seen others’ front doors and marvelled at their uniqueness. They may have any one of a number of things that makes them unique: colour, material, design, tradition, wackiness. There is no right or wrong when it comes to designing a front door that will set your home apart from others, whether by making a big design statement or by giving your home a timeless elegance that transcends everything around it.
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Everything you need to know about sustainable timber

sunlight-between-trees-in-woodlandLast month we talked about the various types of wood that are available to help you better understand the choices you have and how the different options apply to different uses – from window and door joinery to large and small pieces of furniture. This month we want to tell you more about the sources of wood – in particular, the ones that are more sustainable allowing you to make an informed choice of material for your home with a much lower impact on the environment.
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