Regardless of the size or location of your home there are so many different ways that you can make where you live less cluttered and more pleasant to live in.

When it comes to creating storage areas you will find that there are numerous places that can be adapted to store your possessions neatly and conveniently.

Here are a 6 of the best space saving strategies out there. Use them to tackle the clutter and create more space in your home:

1. Install sliding doors – install sliding doors to divide up open plan areas means you can hide clutter from view when you want to. They make your clutter disappear, at least temporarily and hiding your clutter is as easy as moving a partition across the room from one to the other. Sliding doors are available in a range of great materials and finishes and can be tidied away, out of sight, when not in use. Choose top hung sliding doors if you want to have continuous flooring between the two areas involved;

2. Use the same flooring throughout – if you’re looking to create a spacious look avoid using different colours or varieties of flooring materials in each room. Instead, why not use the same flooring throughout. This provides an easy way to create a feeling of cohesiveness and spaciousness, that you are looking for;

3. Build a conservatory – if you feel that the solution to your space problems would simply be to build another room then building a conservatory maybe the answer. While this is not the cheapest strategy in this list, it makes a lot of sense if space is tight. Having a conservatory is almost like having another room added to your home. Furthermore modern conservatories are easy to keep cool in summer and warm in winter;

4. Add a glass staircase – bring a new and modern look to your home. Glass staircases are available in a range of classic and contemporary styles and are available decorated in a range of different materials. What makes glass ideal for use in staircases is the feeling of modernity, freedom and lightness that these forms of staircases can provide. They can make a wonderful difference to a darkened hallway, transforming it into one that is full of light and warmth;

5. Under stairs storage – cavities and voids under staircases are absolutely ideal location for additional storage areas. The items stored there are safely out of sight but are easy to retrieve, should you want them. In many respects this is an ideal solution for clutter in the downstairs part of your home. A professional firm of experienced joiners can install bespoke shelves, cupboards and drawers that will hide away the clutter quickly and easily yet keep things near at hand when required;

6. Install a storage wall – let your imagination run riot with the possibilities provided by this storage option. A storage wall is simply built in shelves, cupboards and drawers lining an available wall in your home. This arrangement provides an immense amount of storage all in one place. They can be made relatively easily and your trusted joiner will be more than happy to build a storage wall for you consisting of cupboards, shelves, alcoves and storage areas to accommodate books, toys, ornaments and paperwork.