Many of the projects that we undertake are for customers who love the appearance of European oak and, undoubtedly, the warm tones and attractive wood grain in oak windows and doors can transform the appearance of a property.  Here are some examples of previous projects:

However, European oak is one of the most expensive timber options and, when undertaking any renovation project, the available budget may not allow for the price of oak even though aesthetically it may be the preferred option………….we may be able to offer an alternative solution.

Grandis oak:  100% FSC Red Grandis timber with Teknos protective oak stain

Combining the outstanding workability and durability of Red Grandis with Teknos’ aesthetic and protective oak stain – a great oak look available at a fraction of the cost.

Apart from excellent value for money and the beauty of a natural product, why choose Grandis oak?

  • Durability and performance
  • Teknos system out performs traditional treatments for rot, mould and moisture ingress
  • Extended prevention against weathering
  • Fully water based system reduces harmful emissions associated with solvent based preservatives
  • Simple maintenance keeps joinery performing and looking great
  • Grandis is a responsibly sourced, plantation grown timber which is 100% FSC
  • Cost


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