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Whether the decision to add fitted wardrobes to a home is one made on aesthetic grounds (a desire to improve the look of the living space) or convenience, (better space and storage management) the value of the home will increase as well.

Adding Value

When seeking to purchase a home, buyers always look at storage spaces, and a ready waiting well-designed wardrobe will contribute substantially to achieving an asking price on a property.

The cost-benefit analysis that goes with the decision to have a fitted wardrobe in your home makes sense once you realise that the negotiating space for a buyer narrows when home offers more in terms of a well-designed and managed storage space. You are unlikely to find a homebuyer looking for a property where there is no storage space.

Fitted wardrobes provide a variety of solutions for your home, the first being obvious. Having somewhere to store items safely means that clothes and accessories will last longer and will be easy to find.

Better Space Management

As well as adding value there are other benefits too. A well-designed fitted wardrobe with sliding doors will create more usable space, especially in smaller rooms where the space needed for wardrobe doors that open out can be better used for furniture or moving around simply by manipulating a few additional inches.

Fitted wardrobes are often built to specifically meet the needs of the client according to the space available in their home. Larger homes with extra room can benefit from walk-in wardrobes with zones or sections. Walk-in wardrobes also make it easier to make provision for disabled clients who have very specific design needs to manage their space.

Diversity of Use

The diversity of bespoke wardrobes is huge. Fitted wardrobes in a student bedsit often mean that there is space for both clothing and essential items as well as a drop down bed. This means that the daytime home and the evening home will look completely different, all in the same limited space. A good bespoke designer will be able to advise on situations such as these.

Whether fitted wardrobe space will serve as a unique space management solution in a very small space or as a dressing room, providing space or important items otherwise not catered for the investment always provides a return not only in terms of increasing value to the home. Also, it adds to the longevity of items that are otherwise left in dusty storage or frequently compromised due to the cramped spaces they are kept in.

Tailoring To Your Needs

Fitted wardrobes also improve on cleaning jobs. No difficult to reach corners or spaces that collect dust or damp, that can also affect the value of a home.

With fitted wardrobes, you can enjoy customisation that you otherwise would not be able to enjoy, such as having mirrors where you want them to be, doors opening or sliding in a particular direction. The hanging space and shelves can be constructed in an unorthodox way especially when fitting wardrobes for children or the elderly.

The possibilities for fitting bespoke wardrobes are endless, and this addition to your home adds a lot more value including an improved quality of life when spaces are more manageable.

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