wooden-front-doorsIt is one of the first things a visitor will notice when they approach your home, so it is no wonder we all want our entrance door to make an impression. One way to bypass the Joneses is to add side panels to your front door. Side panels, commonly known as ‘sidelights’ are glazed panels that border one or both sides of your front door to either accommodate a larger opening or to add a touch of glamour and kerb appeal. There are lots of other reasons homeowners opt for sidelights too, we explore some of the most common ones in this blog.

Allow more natural light to flood into the property

Adding natural light to a home is one design trend that never seems to go out of style. Not only does exposure to natural light help our bodies produce Vitamin D, improves our internal body clock and sleep patterns, it also helps us to focus, be more productive and make us happier! It is particularly important for people that spend a lot of time/work at home.

On top of that, natural light is loved by interior designers for its ability to shape mood, enhance materials and features, and energise a space. It creates a positive ambiance and a lively feeling to its occupants, making it perfect for social home spaces.

Adding sidelights to your front door will open your hallway to more light, creating the feeling of a bigger, brighter, airier space. You can choose simple, vertical panels that allow full light, or go for a look that allows ample light whilst perfectly complementing your timber entrance door style.

Bespoke sidelight designs

The beauty of opting for bespoke, handcrafted wooden doors, is that you can have them made exactly how you want them. If you want to retain privacy, you may choose a frosted glass for your sidelights, or if you want a specific, intricate design for the ultimate in kerb appeal, it can be accommodated. We can either work to your specific design requirements, or we can produce some designs for you based on your ideas and preferred style.

If you have a period property or listed property, choose a joiner that is experienced with working with these types of dwellings. At Parsons Joinery, we specialise in making windows and doors to suite Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian homes. We understand how important it is to preserve the historical charm and character features of older buildings.

Thermally efficient and safety glass options

Its important to find the right glazing for the environment in question. Being a street door, you may decide that acoustic glass for front door side panels, to reduce noise levels inside the property, is the way to go. Acoustic glass can also be double glazed to improve the thermal performance as well as reducing noise inside the property.

If you are security conscious, you may choose safety glass either laminated or toughened glass will do the trick.

Understated luxury

Sidelights allow more natural light in during the day, whilst allowing interior light to subtly brighten your porch approaching visitors after dark. Sidelights in your entry way will allow subtle evening light into your hallway so you will not need to necessarily switch on bright lights to light up your entrance at night-time.

We design and manufacture all our wooden windows and doors at our workshop in Ringmer, Sussex and therefore, can make almost any type of configuration you might need. We work with all types of properties from modern/contemporary styles through to listed, conservation and period homes. Find out more about our wooden doors and how we can help you. Better still, contact the team today for a non-pressurised chat or quote.