Maintaining timber windows on a seafront property

Properties on the seafront are extremely sought-after for their fantastic scenic views, prime location and their (typically) expansive windows that take it all in.   However, beachfront homes often have to battle with damaging winds and salty sea spray which requires your windows and doors to receive a little extra TLC.  We take a look at what you can do to protect and maintain your timber windows and doors from beach life and what benefits you can reap from doing so.

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How to make the most out of your orangery

An orangery is an elegant and stylish way to extend your living space out into your garden to take advantage of the natural light. With careful planning, an orangery can offer you additional room while transforming the look of your home. Your orangery should be a special area, offering a delicate balance of proportion, space, light and colour.

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What is the difference between joinery and carpentry?

Many people wonder what is the difference between joinery and carpentry. More to the point, when you need something made of wood, do you call a joiner or a carpenter?

The thing is, there are lots of similarities between joiners and carpenters. Confusingly, in the UK the use of either term is dependent on location. For example, in the South of England people tend to use the term carpenter whereas in the North of England people prefer to use the term joiner.

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Sash window in childs room

Are sash windows safe for children?

Are your sash windows safe for children? It’s something many parents are rightly concerned about. The statistics show that ten children die each year due to a fall in a home, with most of these cases involving stairs or windows.  Children are naturally curious and like to explore, which can make sash windows an accident waiting to happen if proper precautions are not taken.

Fortunately, if you do have sash windows, there are lots of measures you can implement to ensure your children are safe from harm.

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Wooden furniture and window frames

The best uses of timber inside your home

Wooden furniture and window frames Last month we explored the increasing use of timber in our homes, and in particular what it is used for externally. With such a versatile material – and one that is sustainable when sourced properly – it is a great material with a wide variety of uses and applications. This month we focus on the inside of your home and consider the most common and best uses of it internally.

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Timber Wood

Why use timber and what are the best external uses?

Timber WoodTimber is a hugely versatile material and is increasingly used inside and outside homes. In fact, timber-framed buildings are increasingly popular around the country. For the purposes of this article, though, we are assuming that you are not building a new house from scratch but, rather, that you are looking to include timber in your home in some other way. We look at the ways in which you can do that on the outside of your home this month.

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Building plans

Planning application vs permitted development

The recent changes to permitted development rules for home extensions – covered here in last month’s article – have got many people thinking about what they can and can’t do when it comes to improving their homes. While the majority can probably do what they need to within their permitted development rights there are those who may need planning permission instead. This month we look more closely at the differences between the two to help you determine which best applies to you and to help you to better plan and budget for any work.

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