Building plans

Planning application vs permitted development

The recent changes to permitted development rules for home extensions – covered here in last month’s article – have got many people thinking about what they can and can’t do when it comes to improving their homes. While the majority can probably do what they need to within their permitted development rights there are those who may need planning permission instead. This month we look more closely at the differences between the two to help you determine which best applies to you and to help you to better plan and budget for any work.

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Changes to permitted development rules

Making changes to your home or extending it would be possible either through permitted development rights or by getting planning permission from your local council’s planning department. The extent and type of changes you could make would depend on a number of factors, such as whether your property is listed, is in a conservation area, has already had an extension in the past, or the size of extension you were seeking to make. The government has announced some changes recently and we explore what they are and how you may benefit from them in this month’s article.

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A practical kitchen: get the organisation of it right

Having a well organised kitchen is half the battle when it comes to enjoying the time you spend in it cooking, cleaning and tidying up. For many of us these are chores that we don’t always enjoy but endure, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s easy to get it right if you set yourself up well from the start and this is exactly what this month’s article is here to help you do.

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Roof lanterns – are they right for me?


Roof lanterns are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in urban properties or where space is at a premium. Many confuse them with skylights, and although there are some similarities, roof lanterns have a bigger role to play in the home than a skylight. But does that increasing popularity mean that they are also right for your home? This month we explore the benefits and drawbacks of roof lanterns to help you decide.

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How your kitchen can add value to your home


If you have been thinking about moving or perhaps renovating, then you could be wondering what it is that can add the most value to your home. Even if you have no plans to move any time soon, any renovation is sure to add value in the medium to longer term. And few things can add more value than updating your kitchen. Let’s take a look at why this is and how you can maximise the return on your investment in any kitchen renovations, larger or small.

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Pros and cons of different kitchen layouts

Pros and cons of different kitchen layouts

Pros and cons of different kitchen layoutsThe kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you spend much of your time, either cooking, spending quality time with your family, or entertaining. So it is important that it is well set out and comfortable to use. A kitchen that you find frustrating to be in will not be one that encourages healthier living if you don’t want to spend any time in it!

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Top five ways to add value to your home

Top five ways to add value to your home

Top five ways to add value to your home

If you’re a Radio Four listener you will know that they found that house moves have dropped by 50% in the last decade. So if we’re not moving then we will want to keep our homes modern and up to date, making changes to them to improve not only our day-to-day life but to add value to them for when we do come to sell them and move on.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Bi-Fold Doors


Making the most of your garden is what the summer months are all about and one way to make sure that you get the most from it, come rain or shine, is to increase the amount of glazing in your property. And for many properties the best, and most usable way to do this is by fitting bi-folding doors.

When the weather’s fine they open right up allowing your garden and home to be one, and when the weather isn’t so nice you can take advantage of the extra glazing to view your garden from the comfort of your sofa.

Top 5 Reasons to consider bi-folding doors:

  • They brighten and open up any space, making rooms feel larger and less constricted.
  • You can do away with the boundary between your indoor and outdoor space, giving plenty of room for entertaining or little ones playing.
  • Security can be assured with doors fitted with a three point espagnolette locking system and lever handles or deadlocks and flush handles. Flush bolts hold
  • the doors in place when closed with one or more doors in operation at any one time.
  • Bi-fold doors also come with peace of mind; glazed doors are supplied with  24mm Climaguard, argon gas filled double glazed units to comply with current Building Regulations and, when fitted by Parsons Joinery, will be issued with a FENSA certificate and insurance backed guarantee
  • And like all Parsons Joinery products, wood makes your home even more beautiful


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