Parsons Joinery, SussexIn a world where mass-manufactured furniture becomes ever cheaper (and of ever dwindling quality) there can be few as satisfying an option as commissioning a completely bespoke piece of furniture designed and manufactured on your exacting terms. Here is our comprehensive guide as how the process works and what considerations you’ll have to think about along the way.

Consider the space in which your bespoke furniture will sit

One of the core benefits of commissioning bespoke furniture is that you have free rein on the shape and size of the piece, and as such the space in which your furniture will be placed should be carefully considered. The style of the piece should also be influenced by the design and decor of your room – whether choosing a statement item that will contrast or designed in such a way so as to seamlessly integrate with existing furniture.
This pointer becomes more important when commissioning bespoke cupboards, shelving, storage solutions or a bedroom, as the project complexity demands plenty of professional input as to how your space can be maximised and everyday functionality can be crafted to suit the way in which you live.

Gain inspiration to shape your ideas

Take plenty of time out to explore magazines and online images for inspiration (Pinterest being likely the most comprehensive of all online resources). Don’t be constrained by what you think to be possible – any professional company will be able to take even the most outlandish and ambitious of ideas and weave elements into a piece suited to the space and budget you’re working with.

Choosing a company – Sorting the wheat from the chaff

Your choice of company for your bespoke furniture is the most important decision you’ll make, upon which the outcome of your furniture relies. The following questions will help you in selecting the right company – one with a solid reputation and high standards of workmanship.

How long have they been in the industry? Longevity is the most fundamental pointer of a company that consistently delivers good quality workmanship.

Are they Trustmark registered? This seal of approval shows that the company in question meets stringent standards as set out by the Government.

Do they have a good track record, with a collection of positive reviews? (Feel free to explore our own reviews on our testimonial page).

Do they offer a bespoke service, or would your request simply be something that they accommodate, rather than specialise in? (We provide this service as a one of our specialisms – read more about the details on our bespoke furniture page).

Does the company website clearly showcase their previous work? (You can explore our past projects on our case study page).

Are they a company with carpenters, joiners or both? While a joiner would create your furniture, it would be a carpenter who fitted it. A company with a team of both carpenters and joiners can ensure the highest quality of solutions, as they understand the way in which the professionals around them work and any issues can quickly be rectified, minimises project delays. (Our team consist of both skilled joiners and carpenters).

Allow us to bring your visions, ideas and inspiration to beautiful life, with a bespoke piece of furniture created by master craftsman XX decades in the industry. Call our team at Parsons Joinery, in Kent to discuss the possibilities on 01273 814870 or send our team a message via and we’ll be back in touch in no time at all.