You can spend anywhere from 1/3 to ½ of your life in your bedroom. A bedroom should be a clutter free oasis of tidiness and order.

Untidy cluttered bedrooms are a problem because they not only affect your ability to relax, but neglecting to restore order in that room can affect your sleep patterns and, ultimately, your sense of well-being.

If you have a cluttered and untidy bedroom it is time to think about what you can do to change things. Certainly de-cluttering is part of the solution. However, if you are making the best use of the available storage space then de-cluttering might not be sufficient to solve the problem. You will need new bedroom furniture that is spacious enough to bring order to the chaos and restore your bedroom to its rightful position as a restful and relaxing place to sleep.

If you would like to stare de-cluttering perhaps the easiest place to start is with your bedside table. Bedside tables are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and include designs with drawers and cupboard space. Simply, replace your existing bedside table with a larger one. This allows you to place the clutter from on top, inside the bedside cabinet itself.

Where the clutter is de to insufficient wardrobe space, installing fitted furniture in your bedroom can be a great option. Bespoke fitted furniture not only looks great it can help make best use of spare and underutilised space in your bedroom. You will require the services of a trained and experienced joiner who will be able to assess your needs and requirements and advise on the most appropriate layout for your particular bedroom. Your joiner will also be able to provide advice on the various features available to you such as clothes hanging options, drawer and shelving options as well as styles and finishes.

There are a wide range of other ways to add storage space to a bedroom. For example, consider buying a bed with storage space in its base. There are divan beds on the market  with drawers in their bases and Ottoman storage beds are constructed so that the whole mattress can be raised revealing a large storage area inside the base. Alternatively, why not fit a few shelves. These can be used to accommodate a wide assortment of smaller items such as books, accessories and make-up And if you have a TV in your bedroom why not free up some floor space by mounting it on your bedroom wall, instead.