It might not be as extravagant or as glamorous as adding a rear extension but adding a well designed and constructed porch to a property is a fantastic way to extend a house if you can build outwards without impacting your garden too much. Any extension to a property that adds storage, improves energy efficiency, and makes a home more aesthetically pleasing will have a positive influence on the value of a property. We discuss the reasons why adding a porch will appeal to more potential buyers if, or when you decide to sell it…

Improved energy efficiency

Adding a porch to your entry door will naturally serve as an extra barrier to heat loss. If your porch contains double-glazing or even better, vacuum insulated glass, your porch will offer amazing thermal insulation to your hallway and make it extremely difficult for heat to escape your home via this route. Overall, your home will feel warmer. Vacuum insulated glass is considered the ultimate double-glazing solution for windows. Not only does it boast thermal efficiencies greater than triple-glazing whilst remaining as slim as a single glazed unit, but it can be retrofitted into your existing windows (if required) too. Making it ideal for porch renovations, particularly on a listed building.

Plus, the temperature in a porch is always a couple of degrees higher than outside, so any chilly air entering your property from the porch area (i.e. when you open the front door) will not be as cold as from outside.

Increased space and storage

By adding a porch you are increasing the square footage of your property. You are even allowed to  build a porch with an area up to 3m² and up to 3m in height without needing to submit a planning application to the local authority. Adding square footage is a crucial factor when considering house valuation, but if your porch is designed well and completed with some bespoke storage space solutions you will be adding even more appeal. A porch is the ideal way to add the sought-after space that so many homeowners crave for all those wellies, bikes, coats, bags, sports equipment and more, that otherwise ends up cluttering up the hallway.

A porch is also handy from drying wet dogs and toddlers and for keeping those dreaded footprints away from carpets!

Improve the attractiveness of a home

Aside from the fact that a well-constructed porch can be an architectural feature in itself, when added to a beautiful property exterior and its design is complementary to the house’s style and other charismatic features, you will benefit from showstopping kerb appeal! Your home will stand out from the crowd by looking more appealing and more attractive to buyers when you decide to sell. Unique and attractive features can make your property stand out amongst the rest which could lead to a quick sale rather than a long, drawn-out process.

It is important that your porch is befitting to the original era, style, and character of the property, otherwise, potential value add would be questionable. As professional bespoke joiners, we can design and craft porches for any type and age of property. Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian homes, as well as some earlier timber-framed 15th and 16th century properties do not faze us at all – we’ve worked in them all.

Our experience in older properties has earned us an enviable reputation within our coverage area and we have a great understanding of planning regulations and restrictions to help your project run smoothly, and we are well-known for working with properties of historical importance.

If you own a more contemporary joinery fear not, we are equally comfortable and experienced at creating beautiful joinery for newer builds and modern buildings. If you are thinking of adding a timber porch, restoring an old one, installing vacuum insulated glass, or maybe you would like some bespoke storage made to tidy the porch or hallway area?  Get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation quote and we’ll do the rest.