If you’re planning on selling your home this year, or just want to ensure that your property doesn’t lose you money, whatever the market does; then consider the impact the windows in your property could have on the re-sale value of your sale.

Property Guru, Phil Spencer listed new windows in the Top 10 ways to improve value of your home, with figures of 4% being talked about – on a 500,000 house that could mean a significant sum of money. As well as the value new windows add, consider the value you could be losing out on. Windows are one of the first things both Estate Agents and potential buyers see, and rotten, tatty or out of place windows could reduce your houses valuation price by anywhere between 15-40%.

Aesthetics are important when it comes to selling your home and windows can make or break a home’s appeal. As well as making sure your windows and frames are clean, tidy and free from any defects, you need to make sure your windows match the age and style of the house, uPVC just isn’t going to add any benefit to your cottage and leaded windows don’t belong on your 1970’s detached property. Aesthetics are important, and if previous owners have done things that just aren’t right then we can work with you and your budget to come up with the best wooden windows for you.

Take a look at this case study where we replaced out of place uPVC windows with timber casement style double glazed windows, manufactured in European oak, these new windows are much more in keeping with the property. We work with sensitivity to your property and the understanding that new windows are a major investment, but done correctly an investment that can bring value to your home.