Yes, it is possible to double glaze existing sash windows. This is actually one of the questions we get asked all the time by customers and it is true, modern timber sash windows are certainly able to contain double-glazing. Adding double glazing to a property with sashes will not only increase its kerb appeal and value, but it will also increase its efficiency with conserving energy too. We take a closer look at how you can achieve double glazed sash windows.

Sash window replacement 

We completely understand the importance of retaining the novel charm and originality of period properties, and windows will play a huge part in making that happen. Many of our customers are keen to preserve their existing box frames but replace their single pane sashes with new double-glazed ones; our sash window replacement service, achieves exactly this.

When fitting new double-glazed sashes into your existing box frames, our carpenters will fully draught seal your windows, hang the window on new cords and fit a complete set of ironmongery (if desired). We will even repaint the existing timber in your required colour(s) if customer request us to and we are experts at doing this without detracting from the aesthetics of the property.

If, however, upon closer inspection you decide that your original box frames are beyond repair and you want to completely renew your window(s), this is also possible with our complete renewal service. We will remove the whole window including the box frame, and fit a completely new one complete with double-glazing, architraves, window boards, everything. Some people think that this will mean they will lose the original appearance of the windows, or that it may damage their property in some way. Fear not, our professional crafters will carefully design and finish your windows to they retain their original appearance, and our installers have a wealth of experience in working with period properties and the challenges sometimes unearthed by older buildings.

We have masses of colours to hand paint your windows in as well as traditional woodgrain finishes, so the beauty of natural wooden sash windows that you love so much will be preserved, and we’ll have your windows looking like did in their heyday.

Modern, double-glazed sashes offer much better thermal performance and improved security, so they are definitely worth the investment.

Don’t forget, once your new double-glazed sash windows are installed (or if you already have them), regular maintenance and repair is key to ensuring the existing sashes and frames not only look new but are operating efficiently. Regular servicing will highlight any damage, broken locks, rotten timbers or anything that is not working to optimum efficiency. It’s best to resolve issues quickly before they escalate and potentially become a much bigger problem. It will also retain the quality of your windows and the resulting knock-on effect will be that they help retain the added value of your property.

It’s never been more important to make our homes as sustainable as possible, so if you’re losing heat through single panes and draughty seals, give us a call and we’ll happily chat through a plan of action with you.

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