Conservatory blindsHave you added a conservatory to your home with the dream of creating that additional area for relaxation whilst enjoying the views that your garden has to offer? Are you now coming to the realisation that different temperatures can make this difficult to do? The seasons bring many weather changes over the year, especially here in the UK, and keeping the temperature down in the summer is just as much of a challenge as keeping it warm in the winter. This month, we have some tips and tricks that may help you re-discover your love for your conservatory, no matter the season.

Cool it down

A simple fix to keep that unwanted heat out of your conservatory is to install blinds that cover each windowpane. As your conservatory is made up mostly of glass, the heat can instantly transform the area into an unpleasant greenhouse setting. These blinds will act by blocking the sunrays from entering the room and therefore, prevent increasing heat.

Another inexpensive way to keep the heat out of your conservatory is to add a cooling film to the ceiling. This is an adhesive layer that is made to stick onto glass and reflect up to 80% of sunlight, as well as UV rays, protecting your skin and furnishings as well as repelling any of that unwelcome warmth.

The option of replacing your conservatory roof with a newer, higher quality glass which has the ability to consist of the newest technology, such as thermal efficient materials, will keep the room cool in the summer, as well as warm in the winter. It’s a win, win!

If re-designing your conservatory is a no-go for your budget, then why not install a ceiling fan? This will increase the flow of air within the room and by opening any external windows, you will allow a supply of fresh, cooler air to enter and circulate, cooling the room further.

Warm it up

If you installed blinds within your conservatory with the aim of keeping it cool throughout the summer, why not use them to insulate the room further throughout the winter months. They will act by trapping any present heat inside the room whilst blocking the entrance of any bitter temperatures filtering in through the glass windows.

These cold temperatures are able to enter a room through thin sheets of glass, possibly the same type which makeup the windows and doors of your conservatory. Double glazing creates an additional barrier between the indoors and outside, so installing these to the area will allow you to form a tougher barricade between the warmth of your home and the blisteringly cold temperature of the outdoors.

In the same way that cooling film keeps the heat out of your conservatory, you can also invest in energy saving film which works to trap heat inside the room through the winter. Most heat within our homes is lost through the windows, and as the conservatory is made up mainly of glass, this results in a great deal of heat loss. The film will radiate any warmth which attempts an escape back into the room and improve your levels of insulation by 30%, also saving you money on those heating bills.

Stepping onto your conservatory floor in the winter may feel as though you are walking out, bare foot, onto a frozen lake, but there are ways of decreasing this abrupt feeling from occurring each time you step in. For a more budget-friendly problem solver, why not invest in a large, fluffy rug which has the ability to cover the majority of your conservatory floor, allowing you to sink your feet in and find comfort within the warmth.

The alternative, higher-priced option would be to install underfloor heating. With the ability to set the heating to a specific timer, you can choose to heat the area during times which you select yourself, such as those where it is common for the room to be occupied. This way you are able to minimise the outgoings on your heating bills whilst keeping the room at a steady temperature, allowing you to find comfort within it all winter long.

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