Anyone else look forward to enjoying a morning coffee on the patio whilst enjoying the fresh dawn air and calming birdsong this summer? Personally, we can’t wait to be able to don our flip flops and shorts and enjoy the warmer months (fingers crossed!). External bi-folds are a great way to bring the outside in, add more space and flood your home with natural light. If you are toying with the idea of adding handcrafted bi-fold doors to your property, we provide you with a guide on how much they cost in order to help you budget…

At Parsons Joinery we focus on external wooden bi-fold doors only. The price starts at around £3,000 for a two-leaf bi-fold door. Generally speaking, the price increases by around £1,500 per additional leaf that is added.

One thing to bear in mind is that with bi-folding doors in timber, each leaf cannot be more than 1000mm in width. For example, if there is an opening that is 3300mm, that will need to be a four- leaf door.

What is a door leaf?

Simply put, a door leaf is a single, independently moving panel of a door. The single-leaf door tends to be the most common variety of door found inside a home and features a single panel that fills an entire doorway space.

Double-leaf doors, also known as French doors, have two panels that each open outward. The number of leaves in a bi-folding door will depend on the size of the door space. You may only need 3 or you may need several more if your bi-folds are running the full length of your house.

Why choose wooden bi-folding doors?

Timber is a naturally beautiful material and wooden doors tend to have a distinctive and traditional look. Aside from its aesthetic beauty, it also boasts several other benefits:

  • Style versatility – your doors will be crafted bespoke for you so you can choose to stain or paint your doors in any colour you like.
  • Natural insulation – timber has many air pockets within its cellular structure, creating a natural barrier between heat and cold. Wood is a natural thermal insulator.
  • Sustainability – timber is one of the most sustainable materials you can use. The process of manufacturing timber uses far less fossil fuel energy compared to aluminium.
  • Sound absorption – wood absorbs sounds which can create quieter rooms.

Parsons Joinery Bi-fold doors

Parsons Joinery Bi-fold doorsWe don’t just make new doors, we can replace existing bi-fold doors that are made from timber, as well as those made from uPVC or aluminium too. If you have older bi-folds, you’ll be able to dramatically improve your home environment by installing new ones. If you have old fashioned sliding patio doors, a side hinged door, or French doors, we can also replace these with bi-fold doors. So, what are you waiting for? You’ll really appreciate the way the doors bridge the indoors and the outdoors to make hosting all those planned summer BBQ’s a breeze! We are available for a chat or free quote on 01273 052 342.