lady-looking-out-of-bi-fold-doors-on-to-gardenThinking of installing bi-folding doors but not sure about how secure they are? Fear not, as they are as secure as any other type of door! This month we look at bi-folding doors, why they are a great addition to any home – internally or externally – and what in-built features they have to make them a secure option for your home.

Why install bi-folding doors?

If you are thinking about it you probably know this already, but here are our favourite reasons for installing bi-folding doors:

  • They allow plenty of natural light into your home, making even the dreariest days brighter
  • They are versatile, giving you the option of bringing the outdoors in when they are fully open and extend your house into the garden
  • They bring a touch of modernity and style to your home
  • They add value to your property
  • They offer the option of a larger space when used indoors yet you can still close them for greater privacy without losing too much natural light

But are they safe?

In a word, yes. Firstly, they have double glazing making it difficult, if not impossible, to break and gain access to your property. As an added bonus that helps keep your home warm and energy efficient too. Secondly, bi-folding doors also have multi-point locking mechanisms. This means that they typically have a five-lever cylinder system made of toughened steel. They will also have an inline tracking system which makes it impossible for an intruder to physically lift the door off its system in order to gain access. It is important to also remember that many bi-folding doors are Secured by Design, the UK Police’s initiative to design out crime, so worth looking out for one that meets those criteria when shopping around.

Additional measures

It is of course possible to add further security locks and measures on to your bi-folding door for that added peace of mind. Such measures include:

  • Twin point locks: they work by securing the top and bottom of your door to the frame with a single handle in the centre of your door. It is an elegant solution and one that has plenty of style options that you can choose from.
  • Childproof locks: if you have little ones at home adding a childproof lock can put your mind at ease. From simple zip ties on the handles to more sophisticated top-mounted locks, there are options to suit all ages and budgets.
  • Drop bolts and deadbolts: drop bolts can be as long or as short as you want them to be and add that extra layer of security to your bi-folding door. Deadbolts can be included as part of the integrated locking mechanism and are a little more secure.
  • Keyed locks and padlocks: a last resort as it relies on having keys to hand to unlock them, or remembering padlock combinations. If you do decide to use either of these make sure that you store the keys away from the door and never outdoors where they can be found.

For advice on whether or not bi-folding doors are right for your home, further details on their security features, or for an installation quote get in touch with our Parsons Joinery team. You can get hold of us on 01273 814870 or by emailing us at