internal-view-of-beautiful-wooden-windowHaving solid wood door and window frames is a thing of beauty. It gives your home an elegance that is difficult to find with other materials and offers opportunities for personalising the colour and design to suit your style. With this though, comes the need for maintenance, which should not be overlooked. We take a look at a few top tips for looking after your wooden door and window frames to keep them in great shape for a long, long time.


Look over your frames a couple of times a year. When the seasons change would be a good time – say at the end of winter and summer. If the winter has been particularly harsh, make a point of inspecting your wood finishes sooner rather than later to avoid any small problems becoming worse as the weather warms up. What you want to look closely for are any of the following:

  • Chipped or peeling paint
  • Cracks in the finish
  • Raised wood grain
  • Bubbling
  • Any dark streaks on the finish


Your first step on finding any issue with your doors or window frames is to clean them thoroughly. You want to remove any visible dirt so that it does not find its way into any chips and cracks. Mild soap and water will do the job well. This will also remove any small organisms and dust that could get into the grain and create problems later on.


If you have noticed any of the above, then you need to act to avoid letting the problem get any worse. If the problems are small and localised you don’t need to treat the whole frame, but can work on those specific areas. However, if the problem is more widespread or you have numerous areas of chips and cracks, then it is worth treating the whole frame to avoid having to re-do it in a few months’ time.

  • After a good clean, strip out any chipped or cracked sections and sand them down to get an even finish again
  • Use wood filler if necessary and give it a chance to dry out properly before sanding down
  • Give it another clean to remove sanding dust
  • Apply a high-quality sealant
  • Apply a new coat of paint or varnish

If your frames face the sun for long periods of the day, then consider using a UV inhibitor to slow down sun damage. Also keep in mind that darker colours will fade more quickly and will need more regular re-painting so it may be worth opting for a lighter colour for those frames that catch the sun.

Regular maintenance year-round

To keep your frames looking good and working well – i.e. not sticking, cracking, or peeling – clean them regularly with soap and water. This is particularly important if you live near the sea or in areas with strong winds as saltwater and wind can damage wood.

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