If you have been thinking about moving or perhaps renovating, then you could be wondering what it is that can add the most value to your home. Even if you have no plans to move any time soon, any renovation is sure to add value in the medium to longer term. And few things can add more value than updating your kitchen. Let’s take a look at why this is and how you can maximise the return on your investment in any kitchen renovations, larger or small.

Why are kitchens so valuable?

Think back to when you were last viewing properties. Wasn’t the kitchen one of the key rooms in the house that helped you make the decision of whether or not to put in a bid and for how much? You are not alone. When looking to buy or to rent, people will place a lot of focus on the kitchen – they are interested in how functional, how comfortable, how well laid out, how modern, or up to date it is.

Small, easy changes

If you are on a budget but can’t put off updating your kitchen any longer, go for some small, easy-to-make changes.

  • A new lick of paint on the cabinet doors is often enough to make you feel like you have a brand new kitchen.
  • Replace any broken or damaged panels and handles before you go wild with the paint brushes though.
  • Alternatively, change the cupboard doors to something different, or even just the handles.
  • You can also re-paint the walls, perhaps even just the one wall making it more of a feature by choosing a bolder colour. Be sure to select paint that is suitable for kitchens – in other words, paint that is mould-resistant and easy to wipe clean.
  • If your splashbacks are looking a little tired or dull, either give them a deep clean to remove any limescale or, better yet, replace them. They can instantly lift your kitchen and give it a fresh feel.

Add storage space

If you have the room or are able to make some small conversions within your existing footprint, consider adding some extra storage space. Perhaps you can add a small pantry or re-organise your existing storage space to make it more efficient and easy to use.

Update your cabinets and work spaces

If your budget can stretch to updating your cabinets and work spaces, then this could be a great investment. If you are making such large changes, then it is worth re-thinking the space and layout of your kitchen. Can it be improved? Is it possible to make it more ergonomic or could you add an island or breakfast bar for some more family time?

Install modern appliances

If you are switching out old appliances for new ones, aim for the most energy efficient ones you can afford. Not only will they pay off in the medium run, they are also more attractive to potential buyers who will know that they can save money on their energy bills.

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