It isn’t uncommon to be wandering down the street, observing in the houses you pass and deciding whether you would like to live there. The driveway, the garden, the front door – these are all first impressions which catch our attention and allow us to aspire to live in such a beautiful home. Wouldn’t that be nice if the passersby were thinking this about your home… Then why not reinforce this opportunity by making an eye-catching statement with your front door – the entrance to your own private world.

The size

Not always a factor thought about when it comes to your front door, the size could be that eye-catching aspect that gets people thinking. Today, oversized doors have become a new trend which is often accompanied by panes of frosted glass. Instantly, this creates the feel of a modern, lavish home. However, if you do opt for the oversized frame, be sure to keep the door itself as minimalistic as possible. Remember, less is more when it comes to making a statement!

The colour

If purchasing and having an entire new front door fitted is out if the question for you, try refreshing your original one with a fresh coat of paint. By opting for the same colour, you are able to awaken the look of the door, adding shine and a new boost of life. You could also choose to switch the colour up and opt for a natural brown or a bold red, bringing a new vibe to your home.

Dress it up

Dressing your front door up with an appropriate knocker, handle, letter box or kickplate could make all the difference in creating the impression in which you long for with your home. For example, the use of an oversized brass door knocker and matching brass kickplates against a glossy black front door creates the image of sophistication. If you are looking to dress your door up, match the colourings and sizing’s to create an ornate design which stands out from the rest on your street.

Light it up

Also great as a safety feature, decorative lighting surrounding your front door will be the simplest way to create that eye-catching impression for passers-by and guests. Effective placement can create the illusion of a grand entrance into your home, even if you do have a small-sized front door that lacks any decorative features. A top tip we have is to mirror the lights on each side of the door to create a smart looking entrance.

Plant it

Homes with plain tarmacked driveways and entrances seem to be dismissed sooner than those with the use of greenery. We know that laying a front garden is not always possible, but you are able to purchase a couple of plants to place in decorative pots outside your front door. Just the same as with the lighting above, we recommend identical plants placed either side of your front door as this will create the illusion of a smart and tidy looking entrance with an additional pop of healthy colour.

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