An orangery is an elegant and stylish way to extend your living space out into your garden to take advantage of the natural light. With careful planning, an orangery can offer you additional room while transforming the look of your home. Your orangery should be a special area, offering a delicate balance of proportion, space, light and colour.

With careful planning you can create an orangery that complements your lifestyle to stunning effect. To give you some inspiration, here are a few of our favourite orangery design ideas:

Family room

Create a multi-functional family space that you can enjoy all year round. The orangery can be used for after-school study and play, Sunday afternoon lounging, and sophisticated dinner parties. Choose classic furniture and lots of cushions. Mismatched patterns and textures can create a contemporary feel and a glass roof will create an illusion of space and height.

Guest bedroom

If you have the space, consider putting a bed in your orangery. It will offer the perfect place to have a peaceful snooze surrounded by nature or to catch up on some reading. Should the need arise, it can also function as a guest bedroom. Use roof vents to maintain a comfortable temperature inside, and fit blackout curtains to allow for undisturbed sleep.

Connect with your garden

The wonderful thing about your orangery is the way it connects your garden with the inside of your house. Plan your orangery so it opens directly onto a particularly fetching area of your garden. During the summer you can open your doors and invite the sounds and scents of your garden inside your home. Enhance the outdoor feel with botanical-print blinds and a stone floor.

Tropical haven

Transform your orangery into a tropical haven with an abundance of plants and timeless veranda furniture. Pick vibrant shades to create an ambience of tropical exuberance that’s bursting with life. With a tropical theme, you can enjoy summer all year round and drive away the winter blues.

Create zones

Knowing how to create zones is a favourite trick used by top interior designers to give purpose and definition to large spaces. Break up your orangery into smaller areas, each with their own function and design theme. Use rugs, furniture, lighting and colour to designate each separate area. By splitting up your orangery into zones, you can enjoy your space to its full potential.

Extra storage

By combining practical furniture, open shelving and hidden cabinets, your orangery can offer handy extra storage space, while still looking spacious and elegant. If you have children, your orangery could be the perfect spot to store their toys and books. If you love entertaining, you could create a bespoke wine room to showcase your collection of fine wines.

Bar area

What could be more fun than to turn your orangery into a stylish bar area for hosting drinks and evening parties? It would be perfect for those long summer nights. Even if the weather lets you down, your orangery can provide your guests with shelter while they enjoy the garden view. If you have the space, consider equipping your bar with a sink, worktop and storage.

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