We have been commissioned to replicate some diminished stile doors, commonly referred to as gunstock stile doors, for a client in London. Unfortunately, the existing double doors are in rather a sorry state and considered to be beyond repair, although originally a beautiful period feature. The original stained glass has, over the years, been replaced with clear glass and the timber has been poorly maintained and has rotted.

Gunstock stile doors are often used to optimise the viewing or lighting in the top of a door as the stiles on each side of the door diminish in width from the top of the middle or lock rail through to the top rails creating a larger glazed panel in the top section. This style of door is sometimes referred to as a sash door because they are glazed. The name ‘gunstock’ refers to the shape of the door stile as it looks like a rifle stock from the side view. This is shown in our photograph as is the mortice and tenon joint that connects the mid rail to the stile. An example of oak gunstock stile doors can be found in our doors slideshow here.

Shaun is carefully assembling the component pieces now that they have been machined. Manufactured in utile hardwood, perfect for stained or painted exterior joinery, these stunning doors will provide many years of efficient service.



These particular doors have fine glazing bars in the top section which will be glazed with blue stained glass in the border areas, a red starburst design in the corners and clear glass in the middle sections. The stained glass will be supplied and putty glazed by a specialist contractor, Opus Stained Glass based in Poynings, West Sussex, and they will be spray painted with Omnia microporous paint prior to installation to create a beautiful, fully finished, replica period feature……more photographs to follow once the installation is complete.