Let’s face it, our home realities don’t quite equate to those that we had dreamt of in our younger years. The rise in property costs means that we get less brick for our money and often leaves us with less space to play with.

If your walls and ceilings meet at complex angles, or there doesn’t seem to be enough wall space to place an ordinary wardrobe, then it’s time to welcome the idea of a fitted wardrobe to your life and allow it to become your new best friend, opening a series of options for your storage stresses, including the potential to create that walk in wardrobe of our dreams.

Slotting into any angle you need them to, these storage solutions will act in a sympathetic way to the shape of your room and maximise all possible space. With a wide variety of options to explore when it comes to planning the wardrobes interior, it’s no surprise that people often face confusion. Today, we will give you some top tips to design your own, tailored specifically to your preferences and requirements.

Clear out

Before planning the interior of your new fitted wardrobe, it’s time for a clear out. By sorting through your clothes, handbags and shoes, you will have a good idea of what will be needing a designated spot in the closet. You will then have a rough idea of just how much hanging space you’ll need, along with how many drawers and shelves will be required.

The rails

In ordinary wardrobes, rails take up the majority of the space limiting your options for using the remaining space. This is where a fitted wardrobe shows its qualities once again, as you are able to model the wardrobe based on exactly what you need. If after sorting through your clothes, you realise that you have more trousers, shoes and handbags than you do t-shirts, skirts and dresses, you are able to decide that you have only one rail fitted, or even one rail on top of another to keep all hanging items in the same compartment of your wardrobe.


Shelves are a great way to save space. By stacking them below rails or above drawers, you are forming a more compact and solid wardrobe. A positive to this being custom designed by you is that you can fit these shelves in any position with any required spacing between each one, such as largely separated shelves for your handbags and closer fitted shelves for your shoes or folded linen.

The drawers

Drawers are a great way to store those smaller or foldable items, such as hats, scarves, ties and belts. You are also able to close the drawer, keeping them out of sight and allowing your wardrobe to appear neat and organised at all times. By placing dividers in your drawers you are able to keep your items in order, knowing where they are and allowing them to be easily found any time that you are in a quick dash to get dressed and out the door.


Another component to save you time during those fast dashes out of the door is lighting. By fitting sensor or LED lights into your wardrobe, directly above items in each compartment, will allow you to see every top, dress and handbag infront of you at one quick glance, saving you from fumbling around in the dark, looking for something in particular.


Your choice of doors will complete the overall look and feel of your fitted wardrobe. As well as your choice of colour, design and decorative handles, you also have the option of how your doors will open. You can opt for a door which pulls straight outwards to reveal a shelf attached to the back of the door panel, or if you are tight on space, you can opt for a sliding door. You can also fit a mirror to the outside of any door to save on further space.

If you would like more ideas on how to plan the interior of your fitted wardrobe, or if you would like to arrange for a meeting to discuss this is more detail, then give our friendly team at Parsons Joinery a call on 01273 814870 or email us at enquiries@parsonsjoinery.com where we will be happy to help.