The role of the kitchen has been nothing short of revolutionised over the past decade. Where once this room was nothing more than a place to prepare and store food, today it should serve as a thriving, vibrant hub of the home – a place in which families relax, friends entertain and culinary fans can unleash their creativity. If you’re planning a bespoke kitchen project, then you have many important considerations before you, and here we summarise four starting points.


Budget – Set it and stick to it

First things first – decide on your budget and meticulously plan every outlay. You should bear in mind that any investment you make will, in all likelihood, be recouped upon the sale of your home. As a general rule however you shouldn’t invest more than 50% of your property’s current value – it may create beautiful results, but it would never represent a prudent investment.

You also need a contingency fund, often things can and do go wrong, through no fault of the property owners, or the contractors. Typically speaking it’s advisable that you retain 20% of the total budget.

Speaking with professionals – such as architects, kitchen planners or our joinery team, will help you gain a comprehensive grasp on how much your project may require.


Timescales – Plan for the unexpected

Just as you plan for the unexpected with your budget, so too must you for your timescale – especially since you’ll need to prepare food and drinks while the work is being undertaken. If you usually have a holiday at some point during the year, you may want to move ahead with your project at this time – even if this only helps you avoid a week or two of renovations. Should you choose to do this, you’ll need a trusted project manager to ensure the contractors keep to timescales.


Sizing – To Upscale or Not?

You may be considering your options in terms of extending or removing walls – particularly given the multiple roles that the average kitchen must now play. Whether or not to move ahead depends on a number of factors – expense potentially being the first and foremost. Where load bearing walls are concerned, the costs of materials and contractors can quickly add significant amounts to your kitchen – potentially eclipsing all other costs. You also need to consider the disruption to your everyday life, as well as the time that will be required.


Your Lifestyle – How Will You Use Your New Space?

Before you look at styles, kitchen layouts and potential designers, you should begin with the ways in which you’ll use your new kitchen. Does it need to be practical – serving as an office and space for your children to complete their homework? Will you be entertaining while cooking? Or will it serve as a space in which to relax, rather than being functional for preparing ambitious meals? A professional designer will help you understand what you want to gain from your newly renovated space – from where you can then move onto features, design inspiration and specifics.


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