Here at Parsons Joinery we are constantly researching alternative timbers and processes to offer cost effective joinery solutions to our customers. Most recently, we have been working with a South American timber called Red Grandis, a member of the Eucalyptus family.

We use a variety of hardwoods including utile and European oak for their beauty, versatility and durability but what most attracted us to this particular timber was it’s incredible credentials as it is Pure (100%) FSC certified.
FSC certification reflects the proper use of forestry resources through regulation which ensure that plantations are well managed with consideration for people, workers, wildlife and the environment.
Whilst working with Red Grandis in the machine shop, it has proved to be a high-grade, clear timber with superior consistency in colour, appearance, grain and workability and can be stained or painted or left untreated to weather to an attractive silver grey colour. In fact, Red Grandis can be stained to resemble other species such as oak, offering a very attractive and cost effective alternative.
To view a sample window, please call us to arrange a visit to our showroom.
Why choose Red Grandis?
  • Responsibly sourced
  • FSC pure
  • Cost effective alternative to other hardwoods
  • Sustainable
  • Plantation grown
  • Durable and fungui resistant
  • Outstanding structural stability
  • Uniform in colour, appearance and grain
  • High quality finish
  • High end product at an affordable price
  • Can be stained to resemble oak



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