Signature pieces of bespoke furniture – why do it?

When it comes to the word ‘bespoke’ the immediate reaction that most of us have is that we can’t afford it. But is that really true? There are lots of things to consider when it comes to deciding whether or not a bespoke piece of furniture is right of us or not and while money is one such consideration, it is by no means the only one; and you might be surprised to hear that it’s not as expensive as you may think either.

Our busy lives and the rising cost of living, especially when it comes to our homes, means that finding easy solutions for our furniture is the quickest and easiest way of having a fully furnished home. But as we learn more and more about interior design through TV programmes and celebrity designers, we discover more about ourselves – what we like, what we dislike, and what we want to try out. This doesn’t fit in with the mass-produced furniture we choose, ubiquitous to most homes nowadays.

So why consider a signature piece of bespoke furniture? Well, here are a few reasons:

  • They allow you to express your individuality in interior design and add a special touch in your home
  • They do can be as little or as large as you wish or can afford, without detracting from the uniqueness they bring to your home
  • They do not have to be unusual – they can be an everyday item such as a kitchen island or bedroom wardrobe, but they will be designed and built to your design and space specifications which is what makes them unique
  • They can add value to your home if they are built-in (such as a wardrobe), create storage in small or unusual spaces (such as under stairs or are pieces that have more than one use such as a coffee table that doubles up as a storage cabinet), or that can be left behind as stand-alone pieces if they are designed specifically for a room or space
  • They can be passed down through the generations, creating a piece of heritage in your family
  • Creating a signature piece from wood offers an infinite range of possibilities – a versatile material that can be cut, shaped, finished, and painted in almost any way you can think of
  • It can be a more environmentally-friendly option if you are opting for locally and ethically-sourced wood
  • You would be supporting a local business as well as promoting skilled craftsmen from continuing their trade

While they may take a little longer to create before finding their special spot in your home, as opposed to flat-pack, off-the-shelf furniture, the value they can add quickly overcomes this. After all, even buying a sofa nowadays will require a period of a few weeks for it to be built at the factory and delivered to your home.


At Parsons Joinery we have been creating unique pieces of furniture for a very long time. Talk to us to explore the possibilities of how a signature piece of furniture can work for you – you can either email us on or call us on 01273 814870 to talk to our team and book an appointment.