Do not make the mistake of overlooking your hallway when decorating your home.  Your entrance way is your opportunity to create the best first impression of your house possible, which means putting some thought into creating a stylish but practical hallway that welcomes visitors inside.  In most busy, modern-day households, this can sometimes prove to be a tricky business as it tends to be the most convenient place to store a ton of everyday items!

We explore a few ideas to help you both declutter your hallway space and make that sought-after statement.

Clear the clutter by creating useful storage

As winter approaches, our hallways will soon house an abundance of wellies, coats, bags, boots, and general clutter to help us cope with the change in weather.  Custom-made furniture can really help you utilise all the space available to you rather than opting for an ill-fitted off-the-shelf solution that leaves plenty of unused gaps and doesn’t quite match the rest of your interior design scheme.  This way you will find a solution that can hide everything away with ease, even those long umbrellas and awkward-shaped bicycle helmets.  We can handcraft what you need in its entirety and even paint the timber to blend in with your interiors or match your wallpaper.

Choose unique accessories and statement pieces

Hallway mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of a larger, brighter space by keeping light bouncing around the area. They also make great decorative focal points.   Why not try making a bold, brave statement wall with some unusual wallpaper?  Or add a show-stopping light for some added glamour to grab a visitor’s attention as they walk through your front door?  If you prefer to keep things subtle, choose some unique, decorative hooks to hang your essentials, but keep the unessential’s behind a closed door.

Bespoke furniture that oozes style

Bespoke fitted furniture is our speciality here at Parsons Joinery, and with our many years’ experience in the business, there isn’t a lot we can’t handcraft for you. Whether it’s a beautiful oak console table for a small hallway, a traditional storage bench or a slim, modern-looking shoe enclose unit to house all your shoes, we can design, make, and install it for you.  When crafted well, bespoke furniture can make an eye-catching, unique addition to your home that will remain a talking point for many years to come.

Do not forget your bespoke front door

As well as being energy efficient and very secure, your front door needs to look good.  A solid, wooden door will not only act as a secure barrier to criminals and protect you against draughts, it should also complement both the exterior and interior of your home.  Having your front door handmade for your property will allow you to choose every element, from glazing panels and colour to its finish.  Why not add a unique stained-glass design to your door to make it truly unique?

Whether you would like some custom-made storage, a front door made from scratch or a beautifully crafted bespoke piece of furniture, we can help.  We will have your hallway (and any other room in your house) looking amazing whatever your budget.  Just give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.