Within the casement windows arena, there are two main types of windows designs you can choose from: Flush and storm-proof.

A flush casement window does exactly as its name suggests – with the opening section (or ‘sash’) sitting flush with the window frame on the outside.

A storm-proof casement window (also known as lipped casements) however, has an opening ‘sash’ that sits proud of the outside face of the window frame, with a sealed lip on all four sides. Why has it been given the name storm-proof?  Simply because the sealed lip adds extra protection against the elements, particularly wetter conditions.

Casement windows are one of the UK’s favourite window styles and believe it or not, they have been an architectural feature in Britain for much longer than the classic sliding sash window has.  Loved for their effective ventillation via typical side-hinged positioning, adaptability (they can also be hinged to open out from the top or bottom of the window frame) and their ability to acclimatise to any style of property, whether that is soaking in the country views, adding a feature to new modern home, or retaining character in an older home or period property.

As specialists in designing, making and installing beautiful timber windows, we have the privilege of installing windows and door in all types of beautiful properties. We find that storm-proof casement windows are the more popular design of the two and probably used more often in modern properties. Being more traditional in style, flush casements tend to be a popular choice for home renovations where a suggestive nod to our English heritage is often favoured. That said, we are able to fit both designs to any type of property. Whether you want to replace older casement windows with new ones that are an exact replica, or you fancy a change of style, we can help.

Timber casement windows offer numerous benefits to homeowners including:

  • Excellent thermal efficiency – casement sashes close tightly in the frame and form and airtight seal for excellent thermal performance.
  • Good ventilation – they open wide allowing good airflow through a home.
  • A first-class aesthetic – handmade timber casement windows offer a natural, bespoke and unrivalled appeal.
  • Home security – very secure locks and the option of key locking handles add even more security to your property.
  • Versatility – complement all styles of property from country home and contemporary new build to traditional renovations.

Whether you need casement repairs or replacements we can help and we are so confident in our work that if you choose to have new casement windows, they’ll be covered by a minimum of a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee. There’s also the option to upgrade your glazing with safety or acoustic glass if you so wish. We are always at the end of the phone should you wish to chat through your requirements. Together, we can choose the best suited window requirements for you and your property.