Why you should style your home with wooden furniture

As technology progresses, people are finding new and innovative materials to use in their home. While futuristic options have made an impressive mark over time, from the introduction of the plastic chair in 1967 to the digitally activated furniture we see now, nothing has stood the test of time like wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture, unlike many other materials, has been consistent in its style and offering. While technology around wood manufacturing progresses to give higher quality products, traditional carpentry and joinery techniques are still as strong today as they have ever been. So, why do people like wooden furniture so much and how can you use wooden furniture to improve your home décor and incorporate it into your style?


Benefits of wooden decor and how to implement them

  • Bring the outside, inside
    Wood is a beautiful material that gives a distinctive look just by being as nature intended. Wood is full of interesting patterns and variations, lines and rings that encapsulate and enthral. When it is finished professionally, the wood’s natural beauty should only be enhanced, not hidden.
    Wooden décor idea: give your bedroom country cottage charm with a rustic gate-inspired headboard, hook vintage lanterns on either side instead of bedside lights.
  • Durability
    Wood is a sturdy material which is strong and versatile and built to last. As wooden furniture is made for longevity, it makes pieces an investment. Wooden furniture is something that can be an integral part of the home for many years to come and may even eventually become an heirloom. So, buy quality furniture, and it could be an integral part of your home life and give your family memories.
    Wooden décor idea: create a stunning coffee table with your favourite type of wood, in a style that you love. Reclaimed wood can work just as well and add even more depth to the character. When you’re looking for a change, simply sand it down or add varnish for a whole new look.
  • Eco-friendly
    A great benefit of wood is that it is a sustainable material and does not damage the planet during manufacturing in the same way as plastic. To ensure you are helping the world, it is important to buy wood that is sustainably sourced rather than from illegal forestry.
    Wooden décor idea: transform the interior of your home into a ski chalet or rustic cabin with a wooden planked feature wall. An excellent way to decorate without the hassle of wallpaper.
  • Versatility
    Wooden furniture is easy to modify either by changing its function or design. If you want to enlarge or reduce the size of a piece, it is usually a forgiving material to work with. As well as this, it works outdoors and indoors depending on your requirements. Even better, it usually only needs a wipe clean, an excellent low maintenance furniture choice.
    Wooden décor idea: Create a truly showstopping kitchen island with an impressive wood countertop. It is an impressive feature and works for both modern, contemporary and rustic kitchen styles.


Got a furniture project in mind?

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