Is it true that my windows and doors need to be CE marked?
Windows, external and patio door sets manufactured and glazed by Parsons Joinery are now CE marked. A CE mark demonstrates that a product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European harmonised standard and can, therefore, legally be placed on the market.
There are a few exceptions where CE marking is not required:
  • Where the windows or door sets are supplied unglazed
  • Where the building work is exempt from complying with Building Regulations – ie the property is Listed or there are special instructions from the Conservation Officer
  • Where the design is ‘bespoke’ and unique only to a single building project
What does the CE mark look like?
Most of us will be familiar with the CE mark but, as it is so common we may have ceased to look at it or understand what it means.  If you look carefully at random objects in your home, such as light bulbs, children’s toys, or double glazed units, you will find the standardised format of the CE mark.
What should we expect from Parsons?
Glazed windows, external and patio door sets will carry a label with the CE mark logo and a number that identifies its corresponding Declaration of Performance (DoP).  It is recommended that this label should be left on your product.

For each CE marked product there is a corresponding DoP document which contains prescribed product data that allows for clear comparisons to be made between similar products. This also contains information about thermal transmittance or U-values. These DoP documents are available to download from this website or can be obtained from us upon request.

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