timber front doorWell, when working with bespoke solutions there is no hard and fast, one-size fits all answer to how much a new timber front door will cost as it will always depend on the specifications of each project.  However, in this blog we have collated some examples of timber door projects that we have recently designed, manufactured, and fitted for customers.  We have included the cost and specifications for each project in order to help you gage a rough idea of how much a custom-made, timber front door would cost.

Example 1:  Lavenham Road SW18


Customer specifications:

  • A raised and fielded panel design with ovolo moulding.
  • Bowood style curved detailing in the upper sections (‘Bowood’ refers to a traditional style used in 18th century English country homes).
  • Small, fixed fanlight.
  • New, bespoke stained glass.



timber front door inside

timber front door outside

(Outside and inside images of timber front door in Lavenham Road)

What does raised and fielded mean?

Essentially a door consists of an outer 4 x piece frame, made up of a top and bottom known as rails and two side pieces known as stiles.  The frame holds the centre panel, known as ‘fielding’. Raised and fielded refers to a classical door design made popular by the Georgians and Victorians whereby the centre panel (fielding) slopes up from its outer profiled edges to give a ‘raised’ central section, adding a sense of depth to your panels.

What is ovolo moulding?  Ovolo is simply an architectural and design term for the ornamental moulding design used on the outline of the door panels.

£4,250.00 + VAT without stained glass or £4,950.00 + VAT with stained glass.

timber front door design

Example 2:  Park Row SE3


Customer specifications:

  • Four raised and fielded panels with ovolo moulding.
  • Custom black ironmongery.
  • Keyed alike Banham locks (‘keyed alike’ means that the locks have the same cut so that anyone key with that cut can fit all the locks i.e. imagine that your front door key can also open your back door and patio door).
  • Large fanlight with number sandblasted.


£4,650.00 + VAT

timber front door ovolo moduling.jpg

Example 3:  Ashburnham Grove SE10


Customer specifications:

  • Raised and fielded panels with large bolection moulding (a decorative moulding which projects beyond the face of a panel or frame) around panels.
  • Glazed panel in door with number sandblasted.

£4,150.00 + VAT

timber front door bolection moulding

Example 4: Clarence Way NW1


Customer specifications:

  • Raised and fielded panel door with ovolo moulding.
  • Curved, fixed fanlight to match existing.
  • Keyed alike Banham locks.

£5,215.00 + VAT

timber front door fanlight

Why choose wooden front doors?

Aside from adding character and style for the ultimate in kerb appeal, wood is energy efficient, versatile, and sustainable.  Plus, follow our maintenance guidelines, and your doors will last you for many years to come. If you are considering a wooden front door for your property you will not be disappointed.  We would be happy to chat through your requirements and offer a free quote anytime.

Choosing a large building merchants or double-glazing company as your go to door supplier can be an expensive path to choose, and therefore we would always recommend finding a recommended specialist joiner that is approved by a trusted trade association.  Here at Parsons joinery, we are an experienced team specialising in the design, manufacture, installation, and repair of high-quality bespoke joinery, primarily timber doors and sash windows. We are proud members of Certass, the Guild of Master Craftsmen, the British Woodworking Federation as well as members of the Made in Britain campaign.

Always have your joiner come and see you in person to talk through what you are hoping to achieve.  Your joiner will then be able to design something suitable, bespoke for you and your budget.