Within our homes, there always seems to be rooms or areas which we study, day in, day out, and wonder if there is any way in which you could recreate the space and bring it back to life. Maybe you are considering a new ornament, or a fresh lick of paint, but have you thought about the benefits of bespoke joinery and the additional space it could create within your home?

The use of light and glass

Your home and grounds may be small, and so you may be thinking “we don’t have the space to create a new living area”, but the appearance of a larger living space doesn’t always need physical, additional space. For example, if you replaced your patio doors with timber bifolds, the impression of a more spacious room is instantly created. You could also do the same by replacing your staircase and landing banister with glass panels. To add to the effect, the use of light, neutral coloured walls or flooring can increase the spacious and airy feel within your home.

Involve your surroundings

No matter where your home may be, why not bring your surroundings and views inside. The idea of less wall and more window will allow your home to open up, with the views of the green gardens backing onto your home or the rolling hills of the nearby countryside creating a scenic and eye-catching piece as well as bringing in heaps of light to increase the neutral and spacious feel within your home.

Make use of your stairs

With any staircase, there will always be space underneath, often occupied by a large, dark and gloomy closet filled with hoovers, shoes and other miscellaneous objects. What is stopping you from making this storage space more pleasing to the eye, as well as practical? With cleverly built and fitted storage solutions bespoke for your home, you can increase the levels of use and space from that dusty area under your stairs whilst creating an area in your home to catch the eye of guest of hide away into the walls of your home.

A dream walk-in wardrobe

We know, it’s a lifelong dream for many people to have our very own walk-in wardrobe and it may just be possible for you! With a spare room or a little space that is being wasted within your home, why not have bespoke joinery built for you in the form of a glamourous, spacious walk in wardrobe. With cleverly thought out storage solutions to fit your space perfectly, you could finally have that dream wardrobe within your home, no matter its size, increasing its value and appeal.

If you are ready to include some new joinery to your home, get in touch with our expert team at Parsons Joinery who can design, manufacture and install bespoke joinery within your home, no matter the space or location. Give us a call on 01273 814870 to arrange your initial consultation.