A triple sash window, also known as a triple-hung window, is a type of window that consists of three individual sashes or movable panels stacked vertically within a single frame. Each sash can be independently opened and closed, providing various levels of ventilation and control over airflow.

The operation of a triple sash window is similar to that of a double-hung window, but with an additional sash in the middle. The sashes are typically counterbalanced with weights or spring mechanisms, allowing them to be raised or lowered easily.

Triple sash windows offer several benefits. They provide greater flexibility in terms of ventilation options compared to standard double-hung windows. For example, you can open the top sash for stifling air to escape while keeping the lower sashes closed for security or to prevent children or pets from accessing the outdoors. Additionally, triple sash windows can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a building due to their traditional and elegant design.


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