house-in-london-with-a-unique-front-door-1You may have seen others’ front doors and marvelled at their uniqueness. They may have any one of a number of things that makes them unique: colour, material, design, tradition, wackiness. There is no right or wrong when it comes to designing a front door that will set your home apart from others, whether by making a big design statement or by giving your home a timeless elegance that transcends everything around it.

We are designers so you would expect us to be on the side of something different, something other than a standard door that does its job of keeping your home safe but which melts into the background seamlessly. If that is what you want, there is nothing wrong with that. But if you are looking for something a little different, something that won’t break the bank but still keep you safe, let us show you why it’s a great idea, and not just from a designer’s perspective.

The wonders of wood

We work with and know wood and its myriad properties well. Different timbers have diverse qualities which can give your front door a distinctive look and feel without being too flamboyant. This is an excellent way of bringing an elegance to your home without trying too hard. For a starting point on the types of timber available on the market, have a look at our previous article on the topic.

Peace of mind

A bespoke front door need not compromise on safety or security for your home and your loved ones in any way. Built in will be the same high security standards that you can find on any front door bought on the high street. They can include any choice of lock – including anti-drill and anti-pick amongst others – as well as safety letter boxes and good door viewers so you know who is outside. For absolute peace of mind, ask for your door to be crafted to Secured by Design standards.


With a wooden door, you have a large choice of finishes to give it that extra bit of tailoring. This could be anything from a favourite colour, a particular door handle, some glass panelling, or even an automatic opening to save you from coming downstairs every time the doorbell rings.

Adding value

Any bespoke element in a property can add value. Maintaining the right balance between individuality and what can appeal to a majority audience will ensure that it is not only a great investment in the short term but one that can reap rewards when the time comes to sell or rent out your property.

A warm home

As with security, a tailor-made front door does not have to mean compromising on energy efficiency either. All doors will come with built-in energy efficiency measures, including making sure there is no air leakage that can lead to drafts, and that its thickness is suitable for the conditions around your home.

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