Following on from our recent blog post on ‘Making an Entrance’, we have put together some information on the things to consider when updating or replacing your homes front door.

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Design and proportion

Consider what style of door attracts your attention and suits your lifestyle and the architecture of the house.  A wander around your immediate vicinity or a browse through house and garden magazines can be a good inspiration for the design and colour choice of your new front door and frame. Where a door has been replaced inappropriately with upvc or aluminium, we can replicate the design of one of the adjoining properties to restore the integrity of a period building. Additional features to consider could include a fanlight above the door to introduce natural light into a dark entranceway or glazed sidelights for a wider opening.


We would generally recommend the use of hardwood for stability and longevity and it is essential to consider the aspect of the doorway when making your timber choice.  A south facing, unprotected entrance would demand a different treatment than a covered doorway with a northerly aspect.  For a natural wood finish, European oak treated with Osmo uv filter oil offers beauty in pattern and texture.  Utile hardwood is ideal for a factory spray finish with a superior quality paint. With its excellent ecological credentials, Accoya, a chemically treated softwood,  can also be an excellent alternative to hardwood where a painted finish is required.



Due to the large surface area of an exterior door, it may shrink and swell several millimetres with the seasons. Choosing a hardwood or Accoya will minimise this movement and also thorough decoration can reduce shrinkage and swelling with careful attention to the top and bottom of the doors and the bare woodwork within the letterplate cut out.  Doors and frames can be fully factory finished prior to installation or undercoated for painting in situ for a more authentic period feel.  The ever expanding choice of colours allows you to choose colours to create visual links between the door and the façade or the door and the interior colour choices.  Beware of darker colours in south facing elevations as the colour retains heat and the finish may deteriorate more quickly than lighter colours which are more reflective.


There are three main choices in security ironmongery – a five lever sashlock with handles, a Yale lock which is often paired with a deadlock for additional security or an espagnolette.  Each method gives security and peace of mind and the choice that you make is down to personal preference.  Traditional designs will usually incorporate a Yale lock and deadlock with the Yale having a tag feature for pulling the door shut from outside or, alternatively a fixed handle or knob.  A five lever sashlock will have a pair of handles, preferably lever handles as knobs will usually be located too close to the door frame causing grazed knuckles and potentially trapping fingers. A knob is better located in a central position unless you choose a deeper lock if the design of the door is compatible. An escutcheon protects the woodwork and finish from damage as a key is inserted into the lock and gives a neat finish to the key hole,  A cover plate stops draughts.   Door furniture is available in a range of finishes including brass, satin or polished chrome, nickel and antique black.


With a panelled door, a choice needs to be made about whether the top panels are glazed or solid and, if glazed, how you can maintain privacy whilst making the most of the natural light.  Coloured or leaded glass can add additional interest and create a truly unique finish.  A patterned or satin obscure is a cost effective alternative.


        A free survey and consultation with our estimator, Trevor Flint, will assist you in this important decision making process.

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