Victorian bay windows

If you are looking for authentic, energy efficient, secure and bespoke-made Victorian Bay Windows. You have landed in the right place. Our expert team of joiners are dedicated to crafting beautiful sash and casement windows for all property styles. We offer a completely bespoke service, and repairing and replacing wooden windows sympathetically to preserve the beauty of your property’s appearance is our speciality.

Victorian bay windows for period homes

Sash windows were a symbolic style of the Victorian era with frames and sashes typically made of wood. Victorian windows were typically characterised by their ‘two over two panel’ grid system that features on both the top and bottom panes, significantly less than the ‘six over six’ panel typical of the Georgian style that reigned before them.

Victorian windows came in a wide range of shapes, with bay windows seeming to be the most popular and often coupled with beautiful stained glass and some stunning decorative detailing too.

With Parsons Joinery, you can enjoy authentic Victorian bay windows that perfectly match the original window designs of period properties. Plus, our Victorian windows can effectively imitate an original bay whilst conforming to modern energy efficiency demands and building regulations. Energy efficient bay windows for listed and heritage properties are not a problem for us either, our premium vacuum insulated glazing can be retrofitted into original window sashes due to their super slim profile, whilst offering thermal capabilities greater than triple glazing.

Whether you need completely new bay windows or window repair/renewal services, we can accommodate without compromising the authentic look of the original bay at all. If you require sash windows, box sash windows or windows that are flush with the exterior wall our team of professional joiners will work with you to find a solution that suits your requirements and your budget.

Benefits of our Victorian bay windows

The primary advantage of using our skills is that you can improve your standard of living without compromising the authenticity, originality, and design of your home. As previously mentioned, we are approved installers of Fineo Vacuum insulated glass which offers thermal efficiencies better than double or even triple glazing without upsetting local planning officers. It has been approved for many sash window upgrades and renewal projects to date (we haven’t had an application denied yet), thanks to its super slim profile.

Other benefits of our Victorian bay window replacement and renewal services include:

Lower noise pollution

Traditional Victorian bay windows are often known for their inadequate noise insulation, primarily because they typically incorporate a single glass pane. Our modern double-glazed Victorian-style windows, designed with robust construction and effective sealing, significantly enhance insulation, and reduce noise levels. This upgrade ensures improved sleep quality and greater privacy for your comfort.

Higher security

Our resilient bay windows offer a notably heightened level of security, especially for ground-floor installations. Unlike older Victorian-style windows that may have weaker locking mechanisms or be more susceptible to forced entry, our windows feature robust frames, dependable locking systems, and thick glass panes, significantly enhancing security.

An authentic finish

Our products are all made in our UK-workshop and make use of traditional crafting techniques for remarkably functioning Victorian-style windows that are available to suite most requests and budgets. For example, we can fit either timber real-dividing bars or applied bars into modern double-glazed units when completely replacing the timber sashes of Victorian windows.

It is worth considering real-dividing bars vs Astragal (Applied) bars when planning a window renovation project.  Whilst we are able to offer both types of glazing bar design, 99% of our projects request the applied bar option as standard. This is because real-dividing glazing bars need to be much wider so they will not look the same as the traditional windows.

Why choose Parsons Joinery for your Victorian bay windows?

As well as dealing with professionals in the industry with a wealth of experience under their belts, you can relax in the knowledge that all our UK-made products are delivered in line without commitment to the environment and sustainability.

We use the highest quality timber that’s sustainably sourced, with a range of timber options available. From oak, to ash, to pine, to utile, you’ll find timber you love. We can provide samples to help you make your decision.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our customer reviews for further reassurance.

The well-earned reputation we have built among our customers, and in the wider industry has led to us receiving many fantastic reviews on independent trade sites, including Trustpilot.

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