vintage interiors (2)If you love the simplicity and practicality of modern living in a new build but want to add a touch of traditional charm without the hassle of timely maintenance. Fear not. Here are a few ways you can add some character into your home despite the era your property was built in. You can enjoy modern home comforts with a touch of vintage chic on the side!

Install wooden shutters to cover up UPVC windows

Engineered plastic does not carry the same rustic charm as wood, does it? If replacing your UPVC window with new timber frame window falls outside of your budget, adding a classic white wooden shutter could be the perfect compromise to hide the plastic window frame and create an instant vintage look. Interior shutters with adjustable slats will allow for blocking heat in the summer and retaining heat in the winter. Alternatively, a solid panel shutter will help replicate the timeless elegance of windows found in the huge mansions sited on the sugar plantations of 18th century southern America – you cannot get more vintage than that.

Bespoke, one-of-a-kind furniture

Unlike, the unusual nooks and crannies of a period property, rooms in modern properties can sometimes feel ‘boxy’ and lacking in visual diversity. Bespoke furniture will add instant character and help you achieve a focal point that will remain a timeless talking point. Whether it is a beautiful, handcrafted, and oak console table or media unit for a lonely corner, a traditional walnut storage bench for under a large bay window, or a vintage looking bookshelf to house cherished items. All of which will provide personality and warmth. Plus, it will be total unique to you and your household.

If you have old furniture that you would like to upcycle, or you are keen to make unused furniture look antique, why not apply and sandpaper a chalky paint for a distressed effect?

Natural wood works wonders

Incorporating lots of natural wood into your interior design scheme will instantly achieve a rustic feel. Ceiling beams, wall panelling, tables, chairs, sideboards…the list is endless. If your budget will not stretch to wooden floors, by adding in some wooden accessories and furniture you will still create the character you need. Try to keep wood colours light and untreated so they maintain as much of their natural character as possible – think driftwood and you won’t go far wrong.

Floral prints and retro fabrics

Vintage room décor means not stressing too much about co-ordination. A broad colour theme is a clever idea, but don’t be afraid to incorporate pattern from vintage fabrics or wallpaper. Just make sure the scale of the print/pattern works for your space. For example, if your room is on the small side or your ceilings are quite low, opt for a smaller print. In contrast bold prints and patterns work well with tall ceilings and bigger spaces.

Create the mood with lighting

Well-chosen and well-placed lighting can help draw the eye away from modern elements of a room when the sun goes down, and instead, highlight the features you want to stand out. There are lots of great vintage style lighting choices available on the market too. Dimmable chandeliers or distressed lamps with oversized, retro fabric shades will add an instant glow to a room.

We love working with wood here at Parsons Joinery, and bespoke fitted furniture just happens to be our speciality! With our many years’ experience working with wood, there is not a lot we cannot design and handcraft for you. Check out some of the projects we’ve worked on for inspiration.