grey-window-door-exteriorSo far, grey seems to be the colour of the decade doesn’t it? Many homeowners are opting for shades of grey within their interior design schemes, and in recent years, it seems the trend has spilled onto the exterior of homes too. Grey’s neutral versatility makes it a great match for other traditional neutral shades such as beige, cream or taupe, but can work just as well with bolder colour choices for those wanting to add a contemporary twist to their property.

Grey coloured window frames are a practical choice that won’t show dirt as much as white ones will. Plus, adding grey window frames to the streamlined, modern style of new builds will add some much-needed character to their often boxy, featureless rooms. That is all well and good, but what about the front door? Which colour front door will work best with grey?

Keep things neutral

While a front door in exactly the same colour as your window frames could be overkill, a different shade of grey may complement your look nicely. A black door would also make grey windows stand out particularly if you painted your exterior walls white or had white fascia boards and skirting.

Complement building materials

Grey goes with pretty much anything, so it is also worth considering opting for a colour that complements other elements of the building, for example, if you have exposed brick work with lots of white, brown, or dark red, you may want to choose one of those colours for your door too.  Likewise, if you have timber cladding on the front of your house, a burst of yellow will highlight it nicely. Plus, yellow is a friendly, inviting colour that grabs attention and will make anyone entering your home feel welcome and happy!

Pops of colour

A home isn’t complete without leaving our own colourful mark on it and what better way to do it than with a bold entrance door?  Bright colours work well with grey and can really brighten up a darker exterior. Yellow, turquoise, purple, orange, or lime green should all do the trick nicely!

Dual-coloured doors

Using a different colour on the interior of a front door to that of the exterior is a great compromise, particularly, in period homes where you are likely to want more of a traditional look that is in keeping with the property style on the outside, but a modern living approach on the inside.

You could also opt for matching the door surround to your window frames but having a different front door colour. This approach can often make the door look much bigger than it is.

If you are keen to update or replace your wooden front door for something more bespoke, and you live within our coverage area, we can help. We make all doors from scratch in our own on-site workshop in Ringmer, taking care of every detail to create the perfect match for your property. Timber is an excellent choice for front doors – strong, resilient, energy efficient and beautiful, there are so many reasons to select wood. 01273 051515.