Wooden bi-fold doors are a stunning and versatile solution for modern and traditional homes. Fast becoming a hot trend, they add a touch of glamour and sophistication while offering convenience and practicality.

What are wooden bi-fold doors?

Bi-fold doors comprise of a number of folding panels that stack together like a concertina when they are opened. They come in a variety of styles and configurations, which gives them a flexibility that’s unrivalled by other solutions.

What are the benefits of wooden bi-fold doors?

Are you considering wooden bi-fold doors for your home? Here are some of the top benefits you will enjoy with wooden bi-fold doors:

More natural light

No matter if they are open or closed, bi-fold doors allow sunlight to enter your home, filling it with warmth and light. They create inviting living spaces to improve your health and mood, where you will love to spend your time.

Open up your garden

Without bi-fold doors, the view of your garden from inside your home is typically limited to a restricted view from a few small windows. Bi-fold doors open up your interiors to the vibrant beauty of your garden, allowing you to admire your lovingly tended plants.

Endless flexibility

Bi-fold doors give you the choice of opening them to any width you like and deciding where the leaves split. You can open them into or out of a room, and fold them to the left or the right. Their low threshold and wide access also make them wheelchair or pram-friendly.

Require minimal space

When fully opened, bi-fold doors take up little space while opening up your wall completely. This is due to the unique design that allows them to fold back on themselves like a concertina. They are the perfect solution for both large and small homes.

Low maintenance

Wooden bi-fold doors come with a protective finish to withstand changing weather conditions. All you need to do is wipe down the glass every so often with detergent to keep them sparkling and clean. Once a year you should re-apply a top coat of stain to keep the wooden frames in top condition.

Aesthetically pleasing

Bi-fold doors are a surefire way to add style to your property. They give your home an elegance that complements both modern and rustic settings. With a wide range of styles and colours available, you can choose your bi-fold doors to blend in with the rest of your home or stand out to make a dramatic statement.

Added security

Your typical back door only has one lock on it. Bi-fold doors give you an enhanced level of security with multi-point locking systems, internally beaded frames and high-security hinges. You also have the option of fitting childproof locks to prevent your doors from being opened by small children.

Bi-fold doors vs French doors

French doors have a classic appeal, but they may not work in every situation. Bi-fold doors feature multiple panels which can open up a wall with no obstruction. French doors have a more limited design, featuring two separate doors which open outwards.

Bi-fold doors vs sliding doors

Sliding doors are made of larger panes of glass compared to bi-fold doors. Like bi-fold doors, they offer an open view of your garden. However, they offer less versatility as they cannot be fully opened in the way bi-fold doors can.

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