Customer Service Scholarship

Customer service is paramount to what we do and is something that we request of everyone working for us.

So, we have launched our first scholarship.

We want to hear from university students who recognise the importance of quality customer service. We would like them to showcase via an essay, why they believe customer service is paramount. We also want them to showcase common failings in the area how they believe businesses can improve their customer service around the specific cited issue.


Scholarship for Customer Service

The winner of best essay entry will receive $500 which can be used to further improve their education.



This award can only be given to students who are currently enrolled at a high school, college, university or trade school.


How Essay Entries Are Judged

When reviewing the essay entries, among the things we look for include clarity and creativity. But most importantly, we want to see in the essay the student’s quality of leadership.


Application Submission

The entry must not exceed two thousand words. In order to join, make “PJ Customer Service Scholarship” as the title of your essay.

Upon completing the aforementioned steps, send us an email at including the attachment of your essay. The following information must also be provided:

  • Your full name, mailing address and telephone number
  • The name of the academic institution you attend (This applies if you’ve been accepted in the school but have not started yet)
  • Any proof verifying that you’re a student at the indicated school
  • Your field of study

By joining this contest, you permit us to use your essay for any purpose we wish, including marketing and promotional campaigns.



This scholarship contest runs once a year, and the deadline for applications is on the 31st of December.

Applications for the first scholarship can be submitted until December 31. The scholarship will be awarded on January 15.