FENSA - Building Regulations and your windows and doors

Any replacement of windows and doors in your home come within the scope of the Building Regulations for England and Wales, which aim to improve the thermal efficiency of our homes to assist the Government in meeting its commitment to reduce CO2 emissions under the Kyoto Agreement. It will also mean that our homes are warmer and use less energy. The Regulations also address safety issues and the background ventilation of buildings.

In order to meet your commitments under the Building Regulations you can:

Apply for approval to replace your windows and doors through your Local Authority or Building Control Department for which there is usually a charge calculated as a percentage of the project cost


Use a manufacturer/installer who is registered with FENSA, for which there is usually no additional charge

The FENSA scheme, set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation with the co-operation of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, enables Registered Businesses, like Parsons Joinery Ltd., to certify through FENSA that the design, manufacture and installation of their windows and doors complies with current Building Regulations.

Parsons Joinery Ltd. will report your installation to FENSA who will register your installation electronically with your Local Authority and send you a certificate to confirm compliance. This document should be kept safely as it will be required when you sell your property to demonstrate compliance.

FENSA registered businesses are required to understand the Regulations and be capable of installing a product in your home which meets these requirements. They will be in a position to advise you on the design and installation of windows and doors to ensure compliance and thus avoid problems which may occur when you eventually sell your home.

To ensure that Building Regulations are being met by registered businesses, FENSA also organise, on a random basis, the inspection of a number of installations, through British Board of Agrement inspection agents.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons for using a FENSA Registered Company

  • Saving money – you will not have to register your window or door installation with your local authority – this could save you up to £250.
  • Compliance – you can rest assured that your replacement windows and doors comply with current Building Regulations.
  • Confidence – FENSA is a brand trusted by all local authorities, industry and government.
  • Peace of mind – all FENSA installers are required to have in place Deposit Protection, Guarantee or Warranty and Insurance Backed Guarantees for their customers.
  • Protection from incompetent work – FENSA registered companies are vetted prior to their registration and regularly inspected during their membership.  This vetting process includes checking that both the surveyors and installers for the company are competent to undertake the work, financial management of the company, that the consumer contract documents are in order and include terms and conditions and a 7 day cooling off period and have in place adequate over for Public Liability and Public Liability insurances.