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    We offer glass upgrades for the doors and windows we manufacture and install, helping you find the right glazing for your environment. One of the key benefits of working with expert joiners like us is knowing that we make everything from scratch and can incorporate the glazing of your choosing during the manufacturing process.

    There are two main types of glass we can offer as upgrades: acoustic glass and safety glass. Find out more about each type and discover which one will be right for you.

    Acoustic glass

    Acoustic glass can dramatically reduce noise levels inside a property. We can achieve a noise reduction of one decibel (dB) with each 1mm of acoustic glass – a 10dB reduction is perceived to reduce noise by half, as heard by the human ear.

    Acoustic glass can also be double glazed, with an Argon gas filled warm edge spacer between the panes.

    This provides better thermal performance as well as reducing noise inside the property.

    Please note that we can only install acoustic glazing when we completely replace your windows, as we need to make sure the frame has a large enough depth to accommodate the thicker glass.

    Safety glass

    There are two main types of safety glass you can choose to help increase security and safety.

    Acoustic glass

    Laminated glass.

    The glass is held together with interlayers and it won’t shatter if broken. For this reason, it’s often used in public buildings, increasing safety if the glass does happen to get broken.

    Safety glass

    Toughened glass.

    This type of glass undergoes a heat treatment to strengthen it. Once again, if it does break (which is less likely than with normal glazing), it doesn’t shatter or splinter and will break into chunks.

    What else can we offer you?

    These are the core products we offer our customers:

    Sash windows

    Learn more about sash windows and their traditional beauty – and how we can help.

    Sash Window Repairs

    Sash window repairs

    Find out how we can repair and refurbish your existing sash windows.

    Sash Window Replacement

    Sash window replacements

    Sometimes, a sash window replacement is the better option. Learn more.

    Wooden Windows

    Casement windows

    Find out more about beautiful, bespoke wooden casement windows, and our services.

    Wooden Window Repairs

    Casement window repairs

    We can repair wooden casement windows – learn more.

    Wooden Window Replacement

    Casement window replacements

    Learn more about wooden casement window replacements and how we can help.

    Wooden Doors

    Timber doors

    Discover beautiful, bespoke timber doors.

    Wooden Front Doors

    Front doors

    Timber is the perfect material for your front door. Find out why.

    Wooden French Doors

    French doors

    Learn more about French doors and the various options you have.

    Bi Fold Doors

    Bi-fold doors

    Discover beautiful timber bi-fold doors and learn about the benefits.

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