We regularly work with listed buildings and can offer advice and support for property owners.
Learn more about replacing doors and windows in listed buildings.

What is a listed building?

A building is listed when it has special architectural or historic interest status and is considered to be of national importance. We’ve worked with many fascinating listed buildings and we know it’s an honour to live in a home which is recognised in this way. It comes with certain responsibilities, though, which need to be considered before completing any work on the property.

Listed buildings are protected by law to prevent unauthorised changes being made to them. If you are considering a change in design, using different materials, building an extension, or you want to replace doors and windows, you’ll need to obtain listed building consent. This involves making an application to the conservation officer at your local council – you’ll be pleased to know there’s no cost associated with this levied by the council, unlike the planning permission process.

Replacing windows in listed buildings: what you need to know

The first thing to bear in mind is that if you wish to make any changes in the size or design of your windows, or you want to change the glazing specification, listed building consent will be required. Even if you want to replace your windows with like-for-like replicas, it’s still advisable to consult with your local planning department.

It’s rare for consent to be given for 24mm double glazed units, but councils are increasingly prepared to consider 12mm or 14mm slim units. These can be an effective compromise, as glazing bars can be kept slim, and the smaller void between the sheets of glass can’t be seen as much.

If you’d like to see an example, take a look at our Lindfield listed cottage case study, where we installed slim double glazed units to match the originals.

When single glazing is deemed the only acceptable replacement, our windows are draught sealed to make them more thermally efficient, and high-security ironmongery can be installed too. We regularly work with listed buildings and can offer you all the advice you require.

Replacing doors in listed buildings

As with windows, you’ll need listed building consent if you plan on changing the design of your doors or the materials used to make them. We can work with you to identify the right type of door for your property, ensuring it’s sympathetically designed and helping you gain listed building consent easily.

Want to see an example of our work in action? Take a look at our Wivelsfield case study, where we replaced old and ill-fitting doors.

Further resources for
listed property owners

You can find lots of resources from the Listed Property Owners’ Club.

We’ve been widely acknowledged as leading joinery specialists for listed buildings, including in Country Life magazine. If you’d like further information regarding renovations and alterations to listed buildings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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