Listed Buildings - Doors, Windows Replacement or Repair

A building is listed when it is of special architectural or historic interest and considered to be of national importance. It is an honour to live in a home that has been recognised in this way, it does however come with certain responsibilities.
Listed buildings are protected by law, to prevent unauthorised changes being made to them. It is necessary to obtain Listed Buildings Consent, if you are considering a change in design or materials, when replacing the windows and doors or adding an extension to your listed property.
Listed Buildings Consent is obtained by making an application to the Conservation Officer at your local council, and unlike planning permission there isn’t a charge for it.

listed building replacement windows

Replacing Windows in Listed Buildings

Listed Building Consent is required if you are considering replacing the windows in your property unless they are like-for-like replicas and even in this instance it is advisable to consult with your local planning department. If you wish to make any changes in the size or design or wish to change the glazing specification then consent will be required.

It is rare for consent to be given for 24mm double glazed units but increasingly councils are prepared to consider 12mm or 14mm slim units as an effective compromise as glazing bars can remain slim and the smaller void between the sheets of glass is imperceptible. An example of slim double glazed units in a Listed Property can be seen below in this property in Lindfield, West Sussex which is also featured in our Case Study ‘Listed Cottage in Lindfield’.

However, where single glazing is considered to be the only acceptable replacement, our windows are draught stripped to make them more thermally efficient and security ironmongery will make them more secure. In addition, compensatory measures can be taken to increase energy efficiency such as secondary glazing, roof or floor insulation or the fitting of shutters or thermally lined curtains.

replacing doors on listed home

Replacing Doors in Listed Buildings

As with windows you will need Listed Planning Consent if you plan to change the design, or materials change in the door of your listed property. We can work with you to identify the style of door that suits your home and will enable you to get Listed Planning Consent.

Replaced timber windows and doors on listed property

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Further information and advice about renovations and alterations to Listed Buildings can be obtained through the Listed Property Owners’ Club.

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