Sash windows
in Sussex

We design, manufacture and install sash windows in and around Sussex, offering beautiful joinery that will enhance homes and uplift character As skilled joiners, we can carry out the complete process for you, installing new windows that are just as stunning as your original timber ones – but with all the benefits of modern design and insulation. Where the complete box sash window and frame doesn’t need to be replaced, we can also offer you sash window repairs that are excellent value for money.

We don’t employ salespeople at Parsons Joinery. Instead, all our surveyors are well-versed in joinery design and can give you an expert opinion. You’ll have complete peace of mind throughout the process, right from your complimentary initial consultation.

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What is a sash window?

Sash windows are made up of sliding sashes, which move up or down to open the window instead of using a side hinged mechanism. There are usually two sashes inside the frame, with one sitting behind the other. Sash windows are typically found in Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian properties and are a key component of their traditional architecture.

Beautiful, bespoke timber sash windows

We believe in the beauty and quality of bespoke timber sash windows – and when our customers see the finished result, they do too. Modern sash windows offer far better thermal performance and improved security, and they can be carefully designed to ensure they retain the appearance of the originals.

Some people mistakenly think that they need casement windows to improve thermal performance. This isn’t the case at all, and technology has come a long way. You don’t need to install uPVC sash windows either – new wooden windows will offer you excellent thermal performance, while complementing your property and maintaining its historical charm. This result will look simply stunning.

There are many options available, including:

Parsons Painting Drying

A wide range of colours

We can hand paint your windows to create a finish of your choosing

Compton Road Case Study

Traditional woodgrain finishes

perfect if you prefer the beauty of natural wooden sash windows

Wooden Windows

Windows of any size

we make all joinery to order to fit your exact window opening

We can design, install and repair all sash window types, including those installed in bay windows, or those with multiple sashes. Even if your property is in a conservation area, we can find the right solutions for you.

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    The perfect sash windows
    for your property

    When you’re seeking the perfect sash windows for your property, you have two key options: sash window repairs, or sash window replacements. Find out more about your options and see which one might be right for you.

    Sash window repairs

    Sometimes sash windows can be repaired if the window frame is still in decent condition. We can repair and upgrade your sash windows to:

    • Improve insulation
    • Remove rotting or damaged timber
    • Rebalance and adjust sashes
    • Improve ironmongery and window furniture
    • Reduce draughts and cold spots
    • Replace parts, such as cords and beading

    Older sliding sash windows often need an overhaul – find out more about sash window repairs and see if this could be the right option for you.

    Sash window replacements

    Our customers often have questions about whether they should replace sash windows in their properties. If you have old windows that are significantly damaged, have lots of rotting timber and gaps in the frame, it may be best to replace them altogether.

    Our team of experienced joiners are specialists in sash windows and will be able to offer you all the advice you need ahead of your project. We’ll complete an initial consultation to assess the condition of your windows, offering you bespoke recommendations and providing a free, no-obligation quote.

    Find out more about sash window replacements and learn about the process.

    Glazing options
    for sash windows

    Despite their traditional design, sash windows can be brought into the present in terms of their functionality. We can install double glazed sash windows to improve thermal efficiency and draught prevention.

    We can also install:

    Acoustic glass

    Acoustic glass

    to reduce noise, which can make a dramatic difference.

    Safety glass

    Safety glass

    laminated glass and toughened glass are available.

    Find out more about glass upgrades and the different glazing options available for sash windows.

    If you live in a period property, conservation area or listed building and double glazing isn’t permitted, we can talk to you about other options – secondary glazing is often permitted, as long as it doesn’t affect external appearance.

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    Why choose Parsons Joinery for sash window services?

    These are some of the reasons why customers choose us for sash window services:


    Beautiful, bespoke sash windows.

    We repair and replace sash windows using traditional joinery techniques and ensure your windows are perfect for your property.


    Unrivalled customer service.

    We’re experts in home improvements and pride ourselves on our customer service, listening carefully to your requirements and making you part of the process. You’re welcome to visit our workshop and see your windows being made if you’d like to!


    Free no-obligation quotes.

    We have surveyors trained in joinery design – not salespeople. They can tell you about all the possibilities for your sash windows and will provide a free, no obligation quote.


    Environmental responsibility.

    Timber is one of the most environmentally friendly materials you can choose, as it’s both sustainable and renewable. We carefully select our timber suppliers to ensure they take their environmental responsibilities seriously.


    Insurance-backed guarantees.

    We offer a minimum of a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee with all our products.

    What else can we offer you?

    These are the core products we offer our customers:

    Sash Window Repairs

    Sash window repairs

    Find out how we can repair and refurbish your existing sash windows.

    Sash Window Replacement

    Sash window replacements

    Sometimes, a sash window replacement is the better option. Learn more.

    Wooden Window Glass Upgrades

    Glass upgrades

    There are many glass upgrade options that can reduce noise and improve security.

    Wooden Windows

    Casement windows

    Find out more about beautiful, bespoke wooden casement windows, and our services.

    Wooden Window Repairs

    Casement window repairs

    We can repair wooden casement windows – learn more.

    Wooden Window Replacement

    Casement window replacements

    Learn more about wooden casement window replacements and how we can help.

    Wooden Doors

    Timber doors

    Discover beautiful, bespoke timber doors.

    Wooden Front Doors

    Front doors

    Timber is the perfect material for your front door. Find out why.

    Wooden French Doors

    French doors

    Learn more about French doors and the various options you have.

    Bi Fold Doors

    Bi-fold doors

    Discover beautiful timber bi-fold doors and learn about the benefits.

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    Contact us to discuss your options for sash windows – we can answer all your questions and will be happy to book a free, no obligation consultation.
    We can answer all your questions and will be happy to book a free, no obligation consultation.
    Call 01273 814870 or email