Sash windows
in Bognor Regis

Sash windows are an elegant and traditional style of window in Bognor Regis. With our expert care your sash windows will not only look great for years to come, but you’ll also save money on energy bills. We offer new wooden sash window design and installations as well as maintenance. Our team works quickly and efficiently so that disruption is kept at a minimum whilst ensuring that any work carried out meets industry standards of quality.

Parsons Joinery is the leading sash window company in Bognor Regis, offering bespoke designs combined with traditional craftsmanship at competitive prices. Call 01273 814870 today or email for more information about how we can provide your property with beautiful sash windows!

Why to choose sash windows for your Bognor Regis property

What are sash windows? Sash windows are a traditional type of window where the panes slide up and down in vertical grooves. The benefits of choosing sash windows for your Bognor Regis property include their aesthetic appeal and their ability to let fresh air flow through open frames. But you’re probably wondering if they’re worth the investment.

For those who want more than just an attractive design feature for their home, we suggest choosing our classic wood-framed double glazed sash windows for your Bognor Regis property. This option will keep noise levels low while allowing plenty of natural light into your living space during daylight hours; it will also help insulate against heat loss during winter months.

Minimise noise with quality sash windows in Bognor Regis

If you want to relax at home without being disturbed by the noise of your neighbours or traffic, then choosing acoustic glass for your windows is an excellent solution.

Acoustic glass will reduce external sounds and provide a quiet place in which to relax. It also has thermal properties that help keep the temperature inside your home more stable throughout the year, saving money on heating bills and making it easier to maintain comfortable temperatures all year round.

Sash windows that are built to last

We offer sash windows that will last for generations and last far longer than the uPVC alternatives. Our sashes are hung evenly from the highest points which prevents distortion under their own weight and ensure you get value for money in years to come.

We provide an alternative solution that is far more cost effective than uPVC replacement windows whilst still giving you all the benefits of true heritage style window frames. When properly built and maintained, timber sash windows can have a life span of 100 years! Our handcrafted sashes have been designed with longevity in mind, so our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing they won’t need to replace them anytime soon!

Hassle-free sash windows for customers in Bognor Regis

At Parsons Joinery we offer hassle-free sash window services for customers in Bognor Regis. Our experienced team is highly skilled at repairing and maintaining traditional wooden sash windows efficiently and effectively. We treat all our customer with respect and to ensure a hassle-free service and putting you and your home first. We’ll help you get back on track with minimal disruption so you can enjoy your beautiful view again as soon as possible! Call 01273 814870 to discuss your requirements with our team.

Bespoke, British-made sash windows in Bognor Regis

We make the best British-made sash windows in the UK, and we’re here with our bespoke, handmade products that will fit perfectly into your home. We ensure that every aspect of the building process is done by hand in our British workshop and all materials used to make these beautiful products are sourced locally in Britain. You can be sure that you’ll receive a top-quality product from us because we take pride in everything we do and want to exceed all expectations for both design and craftsmanship. When you choose us for sash windows in Bognor Regis, you’ll be helping the British economy.

Arrange for your quotation

We are pleased to offer our customers a free initial consultation service, accompanied with a quotation for any works discussed. If you’d like to find out more about designing, manufacturing and installation of our sash windows for your Gravesend home, you can contact us by calling 01273 814870, emailing us at, or completing the quick contact form below. We will be happy to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.

    Why choose us for your sash windows in Bognor Regis

    At Parsons Joinery we take our time getting to know your needs and offer advice on how we can help make things easier for you by offering custom solutions tailored just for your home or business. Our range of services includes installation work, repairs, refurbishment, and maintenance.

    We have been installing sash windows in Bognor Regis for years, and we have an excellent reputation with our customers because of how we work. Our installers will arrive on time every day, clean up after themselves each day as they go along, and will leave your home tidy at the end of each working day. The quality of our products is also exceptional – all made by us here in the UK from timber that has been sustainably sourced.

    Contact us about your sash windows in Bognor Regis

    Our team of experts will provide a free consultation that is tailored around your needs and requirements, making sure that you are happy with every aspect of your bespoke sash windows before we begin any work. From there on out, our highly trained joiners will install your windows quickly and efficiently without leaving any mess behind! Call 01273 814870 or send us an email at today.

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