Sash windows
in Eastbourne

Are you looking to enhance the elegance of your home with a set of classic timber sash windows? At Parsons Joinery, we have a select team of expert joiners and carpenters with years of experience in the trade. We specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing beautiful sash windows that will perfectly complement your property, emphasising its natural beauty and style. Do you have existing sash windows that are looking old and tired? Our team can repair or replace your existing windows. From Roselands Avenue Road to Old Orchard Road, we have applied our craft to a wide range of properties throughout Eastbourne, and the results have never failed to impress. Allow us to provide your Eastbourne home with a timeless set of sash windows that you can enjoy for years to come.

Why to choose sash windows for your Eastbourne property

Do you presently have sash windows installed in your Eastbourne home that need to be restored to their former glory? Perhaps you have uPVC windows which you would like to upgrade to traditional timber sash windows? No matter what your needs and specifications, we have a wide range of sash windows with options that can cover everything that you need. Choose from a wide selection of colours, woodgrain finishes and sizes. Everything is manufactured to your precise instructions to ensure that your windows will complement your home. Our joiners and carpenters have extensive experience with many properties all over Eastbourne and will be able to suggest the perfect solution for your needs.

  • Sash window replacements
    Our team of dedicated craftsmen can manufacture and install modified sash windows to be installed into your existing box frames. Our wooden sash windows give you the option of energy-saving double glazing, noise-reducing acoustic glass or heat-saving draught sealant.
  • Sash window renewals
    As is common in listed properties throughout Eastbourne, Parsons Joinery can provide your home with a full window renovation. We can replace your existing windows, no matter their age or style, and offer you new box frames with double glazing, acoustic glass and draught sealant.
  • Draught seal and overhaul
    If your Eastbourne property has sash windows fitted that you wish to keep, we would love to help you preserve and maintain them so that you can continue to enjoy their classic features for years to come. We will upgrade your windows with thermally efficient materials, fresh draught sealant and the rebalancing of individual sashes. This will not only enhance their appearance, but will ensure that they will be able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

Arrange for your quotation

We’re guessing that you have a few questions about our joinery service, so we offer a free, no obligation quote. Speak to a member of your team today, and they’ll book you in for an initial appointment with one of our qualified surveyors. Call us on 01273 814870, email us on or fill out our quick contact form below. We’re here to help.

    Why choose us for your sash windows in Eastbourne

    At Parsons Joinery we believe in putting you and your home first. Our commitment is to the highest quality in everything that we do, from customer service to the final outcome. We will treat you and your home with respect and we aim to cause minimum disruption while achieving maximum results. We have a vast bank of knowledge and experience which ensures that the quality of our work will continually increase, whatever the scope and nature of the project at hand.

    Our dedicated team will match our knowledge with your requirements to ensure that the design, manufacturing and instalment of your sash windows achieves the look you have in mind. We take pride in our work, and although we are efficient, we know how to make the most of every minute to ensure that every intricate detail is executed according to your precise specifications.

    All of our team members will be in regular communication with each other, ensuring that everyone is aware of your instructions throughout the process. We are proud perfectionists and we constantly monitor and critique our work so that you receive only the best results in your home. Our years of experience have given us a level of skill and knowledge to ensure that no matter which team members turn up at your property, you can be sure that your expectations will be exceeded.

    We are proud of our country, and our British heritage and our work is informed by our British values and workmanship. All our work is guaranteed to be carried out in our UK-based workshop, and all our sash windows are handcrafted. You can trust that your bespoke, handmade sash windows will give your home that classic British style and elegance. In addition, you will have the satisfaction of supporting a local British business and the country’s economy.

    Contact us about your sash windows in Eastbourne

    If you’re ready to take the next step, why not arrange an initial meeting with one of our qualified surveyors for an initial consultation? Alternatively, you can speak to another member of our team regarding having some joinery made for your home. Give us a call on  01273 814870 or send us an email at and we will gladly get back to you as soon as we can.