Sash windows
in Hove

Here at Parsons Joinery, we are highly experienced in designing, manufacturing and installing sash windows in and around Hove. Our knowledge and expertise in design and installation allows us to ensure that the sash windows will enhance the natural beauty of your property whilst allowing you to reap the benefits of the modern designs and additional levels of insulation. Our team of carpenters and joiners are also able to repair or replace your property’s sash windows with high-quality results that remain unparalleled across Hove and the South East. From Hove Park to The Regency Town House, we have designed and installed, repaired or draught sealed the sash windows on homes of various ages and sizes. Allow our experienced and qualified team to add an element of style and sophistication to your Hove property.

Why to choose sash windows for your Hove property

Sash windows can be beneficial for your home in many ways, from their appearance to their numerous practicalities. Adding sleek sash windows to your Hove property will add an element of timelessness to your home. The distinctive profile of the frames will add a stylish addition to the overall look of any house, from an older Georgian property, to an elegant new build.
If your home is parallel to a busy street or neighbourhood, we can install effective acoustic glass to minimise the level of noise from outside, allowing you to find peace and solidarity within the walls of your home. We can also fit your casements with double glazing, allowing you to not only block out a large percentage of unwanted noise from outdoors, but to also keep the warmth of your home inside whilst preventing the cold from entering, allowing you to save money on your energy bills.
With their clever operation, our sash windows can be safe for homes with small children due to their ability to open and lock in place at the highest point of the window, as well as the lowest. This will also create enough room for satisfactory fresh airflow to enter without having rainfall dampen your windowsills.
An additional practical point is their expected lifespan. Our high-quality sash windows are able to withstand up to a century of British weathering and tenant operation – far longer than a uPVC alternative would last. Due to the windows being hung evenly from the highest corners, they are less likely to distort under their own weight, such as windows which are supported by hinges on the side.

Arrange for your quotation

If you would like more information about the bespoke sash window services we offer throughout Hove and the South East, from design and installation to repairs and replacements, or if you would like to arrange for your free, no obligation quotation, feel free to contact us by calling 01273 814870 or emailing us at

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    Why choose us for your sash windows in Hove

    Our Parsons Joinery team

    Our qualified team of carpenters and joiners have a wealth of experience in dealing with all aspects of our sash window service, such as designing, manufacturing, installing, repairing and replacement work, both in and around Hove. Their specialist skills will be put to use to ensure that only the greatest effect will be created for your property, with minimal disruption throughout and maximum impact as a result.

    Our Parsons Joinery quotes

    Our free, no obligation quotes will be given to you by only our fully qualified surveyors. We will never hire salespeople here at Parsons Joinery. Our surveyor’s qualifications and intricate knowledge will allow them to give you an expert opinion when it matters most, allowing you to rest assured that we will create stunning, bespoke work which you will become proud of.

    Our Parsons Joinery honesty

    We work as a tight knit team to ensure that your requirements are met and are on point throughout the entire process. From the designing and manufacturing stages, through to the installation and finishing, we will assist and advise honestly whilst working alongside your requirements to ensure that your sash windows are the perfect match for the look and feel of your home. All of our products also come accompanied with a 10-year insurance guarantee.

    Our British heritage

    We are proud of our country and so it is a privilege to bring a small part of our country into our work. We use only traditional methods and processes within our UK-based workshop, and we trust that you will find a love within our hand tailored sash windows, designed and manufactured specifically for you. Our exceptional finishes will allow you to be equally as proud of our work whilst you can support your local British businesses as well as the economy.

    Contact us about your sash windows in Hove

    To find out more about how our bespoke sash window service could benefit your Hove property, or to arrange your initial consultation with us, speak to a member of our qualified team by calling 01273 814870 or emailing us at where we will be happy to assist you.