Sash windows
in Lewes

Sash windows are a beautiful feature of any property, but they can be difficult to maintain and repair. Our team at Parsons Joinery have years of expertise in designing, manufacturing, and installing sash windows in Lewes. We can bring out the intrinsic beauty of your property whilst offering you the best contemporary designs and insulating materials. If you have existing sash windows that need maintenance, we offer a full repair and replacement service in Lewes.

At Parsons Joinery our carpenters and joiners will work with you to design your new or refurbished sashes to meet all your expectations regarding style, size, and construction. Our craftsmen will work hard to ensure that your home is draught free throughout the year thanks to our bespoke sash windows in Lewes. Call 01273 814870 or email to talk to an expert today!

Why choose sash windows for your Lewes property

Choosing the right windows for your Lewes property is a big decision. There are many different types of window frames on the market, but not all will be suitable for your home. Our sash windows have been designed with both style and practicality in mind. They are crafted to last, so they won’t need replacing any time soon. We can install them quickly, too

Sash windows in Lewes from Parson Joinery will give you that timeless elegance that never fails to impress. The distinctive profile of our frames will complement any style of property, from a traditional Georgian design to a contemporary new build. With some clever technology, our sash windows can be made safe for homes with small children.

Minimise noise with quality sash windows in Lewes

The best way to minimise external noise is by installing acoustic glass windows within your Lewes property. These products are designed specifically for reducing external sounds while maintaining heat retention within your property, saving money on energy bills over time. The team at Parson Joinery in Lewes have been installing acoustic glass products for years, so we know what works best! So please don’t hesitate to contact us today if you would like more information about how we can help reduce the impact of noise pollution close by your house or office.

Sash windows that are built to last

You know that your sash windows need replacing. The cost of a new uPVC window is not cheap, and it will likely only last 10-15 years before it needs replacing again. Our wooden sash windows are an attractive alternative for property owners who want their buildings to look good long term. When maintained properly throughout their lifespan, bespoke wooden sash windows will last four times as long as the uPVC equivalent.

Hassle-free sash windows for customers in Lewes

Parsons Joinery has been providing quality joinery products in Lewes for years now, including sash windows that have been fitted perfectly into period buildings just like yours! We do not use cheap materials or shortcuts when building our products; instead, we put your needs first at all times throughout the process, from design through to completion. Our team will ensure that everything works as intended before leaving your property clean and tidy after each visit.

Bespoke, British-made sash windows in Lewes

We offer traditional sash windows that are made with exceptional British craftsmanship and materials that will stand the test of time for decades to come. Our expert craftsmen take pride in every aspect of our work, and we aim to exceed all expectations – both ours and yours – by providing an outstanding service. By buying local when you choose your sash windows in Lewes, you’ll be supporting British jobs, British industry, and keeping more money circulating within your community too!

Arrange for your quotation

We are pleased to offer our customers a free initial consultation service, accompanied with a quotation for any works discussed. If you’d like to find out more about designing, manufacturing and installation of our sash windows for your Gravesend home, you can contact us by calling 01273 814870, emailing us at, or completing the quick contact form below. We will be happy to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.

    Why choose us for your sash windows in Lewes

    With our years of experience in installing sash windows, we have become experts at what we do. We will work closely with you from start to finish making sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently throughout the process including taking care of any planning permission or building regulation issues if necessary. Our team works as a closely-knit unit, with every member contributing ideas on how best to complete each task. We meet every deadline without fail, giving you peace of mind that your new sash window will be installed efficiently and will last.

    Contact us about your sash windows in Lewes

    We take care of all aspects relating to your sash windows in Lewes, from initial surveys through to long term maintenance, ensuring complete peace of mind for our customers. Our team can carry out all types of repair work as well as offering free estimates on any new projects you may have planned. Call 01273 814870 or email if you would like more information regarding our sash window services.

    Where in Lewes and the surrounding areas have we installed sash windows?